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Matthew Tyler Vorce confirms parting ways with Billie Eilish; He denies the misleading rumors

Another couple of celebrities in love broke up. And, believe it or not, it’s Billie Eilish and Matthew Tyler Vorce. Billie, our favorite singer, is now alone. Surprisingly, there were in fact misleading rumors about breaking up their relationship on the internet.

Matthew Tyler Vorce came out strong and commented on the rumors. Billie Eilish has always kept her personal life private. People have speculated that Matthew Tyler Vorce is cheating on Billie, the Grammy winner.

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But in the end, there are always rumors about celebrities, and most of them are baseless. Billie and Matthew were first filmed together at a meeting in Santa Barbara, California in April 2021.

And that’s where it all started. Let’s look at what Matthew told everyone.

Matthew Tyler Vorce addressed the rumors of deception

Billie Eilish never discussed her relationship on social media. In recent times, Instagram has never been official, but Billie’s family has started following her ex-boyfriend at the time of their relationship.

And Matthew left some clues about their connection here and there. And when the rumors of parting spread, we all know what happened: the rumors of deception followed. Matthew wrote something about his story.

Well, he seemed disappointed in everyone and finally came out.

Matthew wrote on the Internet: “Nobody cheated on anyone. Relationships end. Simple as that. Creating rumors and lying on the internet is dangerous. “

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The actor also urged everyone to live their own lives, rather than spreading rumors about other people’s relationships. And he mentioned that writing hateful things on the posts of people they will never meet is the most despicable thing people can do.

“The fact that thousands of people take their time to write the most heinous things about someone they will never know about is the most cowardly thing you can do. Live your own life. ”

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Billie Eilish is secretive about her love life

We know I’ve said it before, but it’s actually quite secretive, and the singer mentioned something. She previously revealed to Roman Kemp at the Capital Breakfast in September 2020 about maintaining her private relationship.

“I want to keep it [relationships] private. We had relationships and kept them private, even the ones we had; with the small amount I let the world see, I’m sorry. I think about the people who did their public relations, then they broke up and it’s like what happens if it goes wrong? ”

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Matthew has previously apologized on the Internet for making racial and homophobic statements. Billie’s followers dug deep when news of their relationship surfaced on the Internet.

“I want to apologize for the things I’ve written on social media in the past. The language I used was painful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are. It doesn’t matter if it’s a verse, a quote, or just because I’m stupid. “

He added: “I am so sorry for the pain I caused. I take full responsibility and continue to be responsible for my actions. “

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What do you think about their separation? You are welcome to share your views in the comments section below. Even if they are not together, we wish them a happy life. And it’s okay if a relationship doesn’t work.

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