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Melissa has tools and services to verify identity and address

Address validation, autocompletion, geocoding and checking of sanction lists improve data governance platforms without the need for coding

Melissa, a leading provider of global data and address quality management solutions, will present its identity and address verification solutions at the Dataversity’s Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) Conference. This event, scheduled for June 6-10, 2022, in San Diego, highlights the complete and automatic quality of the data as a factor that allows a very efficient governance of the data. Melissa will demonstrate the smart, cutting-edge tools that cover the entire data lifecycle, optimizing all kinds of business priorities, such as customer experience, operations, fulfillment or fraud detection.

“Fundamental processes, such as autocomplete and intelligent address management, keep data clean from the moment they enter the company’s doors, but also support and seamlessly match identity verification,” said Bud Walker, vice president of sales and strategy. for business, Melissa. “DGIQ participants will have the opportunity to learn from Melissa experts how accurate, standardized and improved data fuels smarter end-to-end business operations, stimulating customer excellence and eliminating fraud at the same time.”

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Melissa offers a wide range of quality data tools and services through Unison, its state-of-the-art customer data platform. Unison is designed for the data administrator, providing a centralized portal with the best analysis, matching, profiling and safe cleaning locally. No coding is required, and users simply access a browser-based data quality console that offers customizable processes that are high-speed and highly scalable, depending on the needs of the end user.

Using a single interface, Unison brings together a rich set of data quality transformations, including standardization, validation, and data enrichment to provide high-quality, enterprise-wide information. The platform uses rigorous matching technologies, which include gold records and built-in survival rules.

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For example, users can clean and verify names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses by accessing Melissa Global Address Verification to analyze global mailing addresses in over 240 countries and territories. Addresses can be corrected and translated into the official postal format of each geographic region and can be further enhanced with complete location-based information. Users can also access autocomplete tools that reduce keystrokes by 50% and ensure that only correct and validated data enters the system.

ID verification options allow companies to verify global customer identities and validate them in real time against international sanctions lists. These watch list capabilities support Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives worldwide and reduce reputational risk with financial regulators and the general public.

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