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Michael Sussmann is not guilty because Trumpland’s great bad hopes are predictably shattered

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The Trump world has put a lot of trust in John Durham.

After spending considerable years and money searching for the smoking gun to “lock up” Hillary Clinton in Gitmo, her confusing probe mess failed on the shores of reality. Former Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann has been acquitted of lying to the FBI today, as every competent legal commentator patiently explained.

Speaking of competent legal commentators … Jonathan Turley will be very confused by this result.

So do many people who have never understood this case outside of the right media lens. Following Fox News, one might have thought that Sussmann handed over information about a Russian bank that communicated with the Trump campaign was a big criminal lie. But that had nothing to do with the case: Sussmann was accused of not telling the FBI’s general counsel that he also worked for the Clinton campaign.

What the senior FBI lawyer knew. Because everyone in Washington knew that Perkins Coie was the Clinton campaign. So he was not misleading and therefore not guilty.

But conservatives have never understood that, and they probably won’t for a long time.

The cover they were looking at described this specific story as “linked” to the Steele case, in order to tarnish its accusations of “peeing”, despite the fact that it is a distinct statement. Or I saw the network conducting certified joke analysts like the former AG Matthew Whitaker acting, but not legal to deliberately disturb the description of the case. Whitaker recently described how the FBI could have figured out that the allegations on Trump’s server were false, which might lead you to believe that the case was about Sussmann who lied about the information they were leaking. taught.

Those accusations were never brought because they existed only in the feverish dreams of the MAGA geniuses. Because whether or not there is an innocent explanation for Russian pings on Trump’s server, Sussmann did not lie when he reported them.

The investigation was baseless, practically an investigation to determine whether Sussmann billed his client for the right time, and Durham threw it on the record at the last second of the statute of limitations to extend his mistake for a few more months.

And it’s over now.

Oh, for Pete’s sake.

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