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Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun: Maverick, let’s explore the movie expansion

You’ve probably heard of it, but nowadays, the continuation of one of the most famous cults of contemporary cinema is fast in Italian cinemas. Top Gun: Maverick This marks the return of Tom Cruise to the cockpit of a fighter jet 36 years after his last voyage. One of the recordings of the original film that not everyone knows about is its impact on the US Navy’s recruitment requests, which increased by 500% after the film was released in cinemas. The Armed Forces have absurdly set up mobile recruiting centers outside cinemas to make the most of the extraordinary success of Tony Scott’s 1986 film.

We were glad to start Xbox (or PC) and try a new one. Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun: Maverick DLC. Part of the audience rushed to classify everything as the foreseeable result of a propaganda campaign disguised as an action movie, but after seeing the new Top Gun, we are convinced that the reason everyone is in a hurry to enlist in the army is because an “other”: a movie like this should be made when they grow up. All you want is to fly an F-18.

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Fortunately for everyone, it is not necessary to join the Navy today to be able to spin thousands of meters above the ground under the control of a fighter jet. It came with a slight delay in the program, but will be released at the same time as the release of the film, expansion Microsoft Flight Simulator everything is dedicated to Top Gun: Maverick and includes a handful of new content that is clearly inspired by the events told by Tom Cruise and the new movie. Ignoring the indicators of the control tower, we went through all the news that this free update offers in the low flight and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

just like in the movie

An F-18 Super Hornet ready to go

An F-18 Super Hornet ready to go

The most surprising thing about the Top Gun: Maverick update is that all the new content without exception refers to the exact moments of the movie, so it will be really possible to leave the camera, turn on your PC or Xbox and find it. you’re right in the middle of the action with Pete Mitchell or one of his members. For charity, the flight simulator of the house of Redmond is without a fight and all the weapon systems of the two new planes that come with this update will be completely deactivated, but the care that Asobo Studio has given to develop it is commendable. identical activities In all respects seen in the film directed by Joseph Kosinski. Of course, the great hero of the expansion is gorgeous F / A-18E / F Super HornetThe Boeing twin-engine multi-role fighter jet is the constant companion of the Top Gun: Maverick team in any mission. As your best observer knows, the plane has been in Microsoft Flight Simulator for some time, but now it can be equipped with a dedicated view of the movie and undergo three different training missions from the basics of flight. closed. high performance in advanced movements, such as maneuvering in the middle of G and crossing a mountain ridge using clouds to simulate the ground.

Once you have gained the right trust with the aircraft, you can move on to the main feature of the expansion. five challenges Dedicated to low altitude flight. Between the peaks of Washington, West Virginia, Alaska, Nevada and California, our mission will be to reach the ultimate goal of trying to maintain a particularly low average altitude and to be careful to maintain a negative delta compared to the reference. time. . Therefore, in order to get a good rating, you will need to fly through the valleys and canyons of these five scenarios, paying close attention to any natural obstacles in the way, as well as managing any G forces to which the pilot is subjected during sudden changes. the direction of the fighter. . Based on this expansion, in fact, if you exaggerate with the joystick, the screen turns completely black for a few endless seconds, simulating the temporary simulation. loss of consciousness to which aviators are usually subjected.

welcome to the stratosphere

A view from behind the hypersonic prototype Darkstar

A view from behind the hypersonic prototype Darkstar

We mentioned this in the previous paragraph, but the F / A-18E / F Super Hornet is just one of two planes debuting with the free Top Gun: Maverick expansion. The second is the seductive experimental prototype known as black starMitchell’s hypersonic aircraft used to try to reach Mach 10 in the early stages of the film. The aircraft in question is a very interesting addition to the list of Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft, because, as we saw in the movie, Darkstar can be used to fly in the stratosphere and reach unprecedented speeds, making massive transitions in one. place. few minutes.

To better understand all the features of such a complex prototype, Asobo has expanded into a spectacular hypersonic guided flight that takes you from the heart of the California Mojave Desert to the other end of the United States in about 30 minutes. The states are at the base of the Canaveral Cape in Florida. No other Microsoft Flight Simulator event gave us comparable emotions, which causes the pilot to reach flight speed. 10 matches As it flies over 120,000 feet, the blue of the sky gives way to the darkness of space. Darkstar can also be selected during free flight, and our advice is to start from one of the corners of our peninsula to fully admire the distant stratosphere. For a moment you will feel as if you are in place of Samantha Cristoforetti.

Basically, this is Maverick asking for a pass.

Carrier dock inside the cockpit of an F-18

Carrier dock inside the cockpit of an F-18

A dedicated Top Gun expansion could not have included an aircraft carrier, a very small runway and a fighter jet ready to land on it. It is a new one recently added to the update landing challengeindeed, landing where the goal would be to reunite at a landing just. aircraft carrier in motion to remain completely whole, which is certainly easier said than done. Other landing challenges, even the most hostile ones, could be overcome with training and a few attempts, but this seemed much more complicated: hitting the very short runway of the carrier at the right time is not only very difficult, but the classification is brutal, and requires a millimeter accuracy in contact with the ground. as well as forcing you to follow the correct sliding path throughout the descent.

To do this, it will be essential to monitor the carrier’s FLOLS system at all times, a type of headlight located on the ship that shows the pilot the correct path to the ideal “landing”. Only by following FLOLS’s clues with the utmost precision will you be able to express yourself on a perfect landing and then feel that you depend on Maverick. I still haven’t succeeded.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the show starring Tom Cruise or, on the contrary, you haven’t seen a single image in one of the two movies, the arrival of the Top Gun: Maverick-themed expansion is brilliant. The opportunity to start all over again. Join Microsoft Flight Simulator, as the update includes at least a few unforgettable flight experiences that any desktop aviator should definitely not miss. Asobo Studio did an ingenious job of reimagining the atmosphere of the film and spiced it all up with the legendary soundtrack that made Top Gun the cult it is today.

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