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Modern Warfare 2 to introduce a map editor

Maps have become an issue for Call of Duty fans year after year. A map is either too small, too large, too complex, or too simple; it’s hard to find that balance. It is either wrong or missed for a base of players with different desires and needs.

The maps have become almost synonymous with what fans would call a good Call of Duty title. With that in mind, comes the pressure on developers to create a hit album for one of their most anticipated titles, Modern Warfare II.

Call of Duty Map Editor - Ahoy Modified Maps

Now, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have plans to make a community-led effort by incorporating an offline mode that equips players with the tools they need to block, map, and edit an existing map. Making relatively simple changes, focusing on changing the gaming experience, paving the way for creations.

Modified maps will allow each Creator the option to customize appearance points, objectives, and restrictions. with the addition of completely changing the landscape of a level and its individual properties, such as crates and containers. Modified maps will be strictly regulated; If a Creator is approved, they will receive a verified check mark.

The development of this mode was made quite early in development, initially proposed and presented during the life cycle of Modern Warfare (2019), with emphasis on the player’s experience. Infinity Ward plans to involve the community in an effort by the studio to produce the best gaming experience.

In addition to this newly formed sandbox, Treyarch intends to include it strongly in their unannounced free title, scheduled for 2023.

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