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More Polygon Matic owners to sell and buy Bitgert this month

Pret Polygon Matic

Take a look at why a number of factors attract landowners to Bitgert

Key points:

  • The price of Polygon Matic has fallen sharply in the last 30 days, falling by 42%.
  • The Polygon Matic ecosystem is still growing, but not as fast as the Bitgert ecosystem
  • Bitgert The BRC20 blockchain becomes a major Polygon threat

The performance of Polygon Matic, like most crypto projects, has declined. The price dropped by 42% at the time of writing, making Matic one of the strongest declining currencies in the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

The decrease in the price of Polygon Matic is due to the growing number of investors who sell their shares. Several Polygon whales are selling their farms, which has pushed the price down significantly. However, several factors can be blamed on the growing number of Polygon Matic owners who are downsizing.

The Fed’s unemployment regulations were one of the major factors. Adjusting inflation rates triggered massive sales in the stock and crypto markets. Polygon Matic was one of the cryptocurrencies most affected by EDF regulations.

Bitgert competition

In addition to EDF and bear market regulations, competition is killing Polygon Matic. Interesting projects have emerged that threaten the usefulness of the Polygon protocol. Bitgert was among the main competitors of Polygon Matic and the reason why Matic’s price dropped. A number of factors attract landowners to Bitgert.

Unlike Polygon Matic, Bitgert (BRISE) has made major developments. Polygon is a Level 2 scaling protocol for the Ethereum chain, while Bitgert has a complete blockchain with smart contract functionality. The Bitgert chain is also faster and has a lower gas charge than the Polygon network. However, it is the zero gas tax chain that makes Bitgert attractive to investors.

In addition, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is an EVM chain, making it possible to replace Polygon Matic as the best scaling protocol for Ethereum developers. Investors in Polygon and Ethereum can migrate to the Bitgert chain to benefit from zero gas.


However, many Polygon Matic owners will continue to sell and join Bitgert because of Bitgert’s potential to grow by 1000x. It looks at the development that Bitgert is launching this year, including the fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem. Bitgert Roadmap V2 products and Bitgert Startup Studio projects are among the major developments that will increase by 1000x.

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