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New updates are coming for Gboard, Emoji Kitchen and Accessibility tools

While we wait for Android 13, Google is now releasing new updates for GBoard, Emoji Kitchen and some of its accessibility tools. While most updates are light and fun, some are quite serious, potentially having a big impact on the way users use their phones on a daily basis.

There are only a few things you can’t put into words, and Google understands that. Therefore, it will now allow you to turn your words into images using custom text stickers. This was previously a feature that was only available on Pixel phones, but is now available to all Gboard users typing in English-US. Google has also added new emoji mashups that can be accessed using Emoji Kitchen. Now there will be over 1600 new combinations to choose from, which is at least. In addition, new rainbow stickers will be added just in time for Pride Month.

New accessibility features have been added, which can be found in a modernized user interface. The Sound Amplifier tool will amplify or filter the surrounding sounds. The update will also provide an improved background noise reduction. Google Lookout - Assisted Vision receives an update, offering more ways to give the visually impaired or blind people more tools to better see the world around them. Image mode will use machine learning to create image descriptions and can be opened in any application. Best of all, the service will now accept offline mode.

Google Play Points has long provided incentives for purchases from the Google Play Store. It looks like the points system will be expanded to accept elements of the app, giving users more options when it comes to using points. This option will eventually be implemented in all countries that currently support Play Points.

Source: Google

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