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New York subway shooting sues Glock shipowner and parent company

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Glock Inc. and her mother-in-law were sued by a New York City woman who was seriously injured when she was seriously injured by a gunman who opened fire on a crowded subway train in the morning, at rush hour, in Brooklyn.

Ilene Steur, 49, was one of 10 people shot dead with a Glock pistol in a crowded subway car from the north on April 12 in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, suffering a serious butt injury, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court. The arms manufacturer is aware that the design of its product “promotes concealment” and allows a user to “provoke an unparalleled civilian carnage,” the lawsuit claims.

Frank James, 62, is being held for federal terrorism and gun charges in a subway shooting. Prosecutors say he fired smoke cans and then fired a 9-millimeter Glock gun at least 33 times inside the crowded subway car. Although there were no casualties, 10 people were shot and 13 others were injured in the ensuing panic.

The attack is one of several recent mass shootings in the United States. Last week, a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas. On May 14, 10 people were killed in a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood of Buffalo, New York. Earlier this month, one person was killed and five were injured in a church in Laguna Woods, California.

Brandie Collins, a Glock spokeswoman, did not immediately respond to a voicemail or e-mail requesting comments on the trial.

Steur argued in its lawsuit that the weapons manufacturer “chose to ignore the unreasonable risk of the Glock firearm in its marketing strategies.” The company also fails to terminate contracts with arms dealers who sell a large volume of weapons caused by crime, according to its complaint.

James, who has a history of 12 previous arrests, bought his Glock 17 pistol in 2011 from a pawn shop in Columbus, Ohio, according to Steur. Glock also made the high-capacity pistol to provide improved “punctuation,” which makes it “very easy to use” and more “accurate,” says Steur. The weapon is used by the British army, Sweden, India, Israel and Yemen and by police forces around the world, she said.

While gun manufacturers and dealers are partially protected by the 2005 Law on the Protection of the Arms Trade Act, which limits liability when their products are used in crime, New York State passed a law last year to allow lawsuits to be filed. civil lawsuits against the weapon. manufacturers.

The case is Ilene Steur v. Glock, 22-CV-3192, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn)

Photo: Officers at a shooting site at 36th Street Subway Station in Brooklyn. Photographer: Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg

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