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Nothing can protect you from the disintegration of Legends of Runterra

It’s fair to say that all card games depend on your pack, but a recent Legends of Runeterra Redditor came across a book that can only be described as extremely overwhelming, and since this player is at the receiving end, it’s correct. let’s just say I feel a little frustrated with the mechanic and we understand - no one likes to be dirty.

The OP Legends of Runeterra poster in question is Runeterra’s legends disintegrate, a card that looks like it could do some damage, but you’re not alone if you think there should be a limit to the devastation it can cause, as BestGrell’s post on Reddit explains. The LoR player came across this card, and the match did not end well - maybe even unfairly. “Yes, Armored Tuskrider died in this fight without any further damage, yes, we lost the game because of that,” BestGrell said.

“I’ve heard of disintegration going through hardships and although ‘I mean, I think I could see that.’ I heard it go through the barrier and I thought, “It looks a little too strong, but it’s okay.” But this card literally says “it can’t hurt me.”

Okay, any card that says something can’t hurt should follow these words, and this is clearly a feeling that many share, because other Reddit users like DrChripy say, “Wait, go through the barrier.” ? Now I see what it means to be a powerful book. ”

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Are OP Legends of Runeterra books common?

Unfortunately, such things always happen in games, and cards do not always do what you expect from pack builders, but that does not mean that players are not allowed to express frustration when faced with such a situation. it’s biting their ass.

However, if you are new to Legends of Runeterra and would like some help, check out our Legends of Runeterra package guide to get some ideas for a beginner’s package. We also have a list of the best mobile card games if you want something similar but different.

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