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Ohio thinks it’s okay and okay to check your baby’s genitals for “Libs”

happy-hispanic-latin-school-students-students-300 × 200Children just want to be children. Go to school, skip math to follow the new TikTok dance trend, the usual one - maybe join a team as an extracurricular hobby. But Ohio lawmakers decided to slip into a quick barrier to entry.

Ohio Republican lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday at 11:15 p.m. that would ban transgender girls and women from participating in high school and college athletics. It also comes with a “verification process” to verify the genitals of those “accused” of being trans.

Initially, the “Law for Saving Women’s Sports” or Law 61 of the House was not to be in the legislators’ agenda. However, at the last minute, Republican representatives added the language of a completely different bill.

“I am struggling to understand why we continue to discuss bills that focus on children’s genitals,” she said.

If someone is suspected of being transgender, they must go through assessments of external and internal genitals, testosterone levels and genetic structure.

Not to be crazy, but I channeled Mr. Krabs right after I read this.

This is very strange from people who oppose transgender bath bills with the “think of children” rhetoric. You realize that giving someone the authority to force a doctor to check and see if Sarah is hiding a set of testicles before she can play ball is the green light for aggression, right? It’s already bad enough for trans children as it is. There are already rules in play that protect against the boogeyman threat of TransUberCompetitor ™, which will dominate teen sports competitions. But before we get caught up in the hyperventilation of the theoretical threat that trans children pose as the “right” competition to be just who they are, let’s look at the real landscape. Ohio had one known trans child who competed in the 2021-2022 school year. Second, let’s not act like discrimination ends after students check their personal data by a doctor - all sorts of rules and regulations are thrown out the window whenever minority students excel in their profession.

I know pedagogical concerns can differ, especially when it comes to legislation, but I personally would focus more on passing laws that deal with Ohio children who threaten to shoot schools instead of worrying about a possible world. in which a 7’1 trans trans woman competes. against your child. This is not a hyperbole - a man is quoted as sharing this as a concern in the article. Instead, imagine if we used our 7’1 ″ intellect to come up with an answer to the mass shootings in schools, which makes more sense than arming teachers because, as the brilliant Katherine Hiland said in 15 years old, “so eloquent,”[m]ore weapons in schools only increase students’ access to weapons … And I’d know best. I’m a teenager. We have a lot of trouble even when we don’t want to. “

GOP passes bill aimed at eliminating transgender “suspected” female athletes through genital inspection [News5Cleveland]

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