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Pete Davidson is doing his friend’s homework properly! - Winteringhamfields

Peter Davidson has a strong connection to Kim’s children. source: The sun

  • Pete Davidson is very close to the children of Kim’s girlfriend.
  • On Saturday, the comedian and Kim’s son were shopping in Los Angeles.
  • He and Kim’s eldest son, Saint West, enjoyed each other’s company.

Pete Davidson has a good relationship with Kim’s children

Pete Davidson never seems to be Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend.

The former SNL star was seen with Kim’s children at the Grove Mall and then at Restaurant Cheese Factory holding Saint Kim’s son’s hand. Kim did not join her boyfriend and son on the trip.

The 28-year-old comedian has a sweet relationship with children and at one point was seen holding Saint’s hand while shopping.

Pete and Saint went hand in hand on an outing. source: The Daily Mail

The boys seem to have enjoyed the time when the custody drama between Kim and her estranged husband continued. Kanye even accused Kim of not allowing her to see more children.

The witness claimed that Pete and Saint seemed comfortable in each other’s company. This shows how much trust Kim has in her boyfriend and her children.

kim Kardashian
Pete and North also have a very friendly relationship. Metro

None of Kim’s other children were present at the scene, and Pete even bought her a hat for Saint on the way out.

It’s not the first time Pete has been seen having fun with Kim’s children. In April, The suicide squad The actor was seen with Kim’s eldest child, North West, on an outing in a pink electric MOKE.

Pete said his relationship with Kim was serious when he started his KNSCP tattoo earlier this month. The initials are the first letters of each of Kim’s children; North, Holy, Chicago and Psalm.

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What is Kanye West’s reaction to this?

Kanye West is certainly not happy with the way his kids are mingling with Davidson.

West has expressed his disappointment and hatred for Pete since he began dating Kim.

The father of four children dragged him into custody drama earlier this year, giving him the nickname Skete.

kim Kardashian
Kanye West has publicly expressed hatred for Pete Davidson. source: USA magazine

Kanye even shared a text that he claims was sent by Pete about his children.

The text message read:

“I would never stand in the way of your children. It’s a promise. How you raise your children is your business, not mine. I hope that one day I can meet them and we will all be friends.

West replied with:

“No, you’ll never meet my children.”

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