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Philips introduces new 4K / 144Hz and QHD / 240Hz Momentum game monitors

Philips is expanding its line of premium Momentum 5000 gaming monitors. The new Momentum F5800 has a 4K Nano IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which makes it perfect for a state-of-the-art configuration. If you need a little more speed from the monitor, then you can also find the F5500P pulse, which has a QHD resolution of 240Hz.

Both the Philips 27M1F5800 and the 27M1F5500P have 27-inch Nano IPS panels, but the resolution is different. The first is the 4K / 144Hz model, while the second is 1440p / 240Hz. Both panels have the same maximum rated brightness and are DisplayHDR 600 certified, so you can take your images to another level in supported games.

In addition to high resolutions and refresh rates, as well as HDR, these new Momentum monitors also support AMD FreeSync Premium, so you can have a hassle-free gaming experience. Both monitors also come with a SmartErgoBase with tilting, rotating, pivoting and height adjustment capabilities.

The Philips Momentum 27M15500P and 27M1F5800 will be available starting in June at GBP 529.99 and GBP 629.99 respectively.

KitGuru says: Would you choose a 144Hz 4K monitor or would you prefer a 240Hz refresh rate QHD monitor?

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