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Plastic, the love of a serial killer can do anything - Danger Room -

Norma Editorial brings you the craziest romantic story in a long time. A play by Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyard and Laura Martin.

this psychopathic killer It is one of the dramatic elements that immediately attracts the public’s attention. Maybe it’s because of the morbidity caused by such horrible stories, or because such a different and incomprehensible life is exotic. However, such figures have some power over the vast majority of the population.

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The almost intangible beings that cause chaos and fear can be seen as beings with a demonic psyche, an overwhelming ego and incapable of the slightest empathy. They are dangerous and appear above any legislation. They are indifferent to any punitive measures. As if the actions themselves were worth it.

Usually, the treatment given is closer to terror and psychological examination. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Plastic It shows the versatility that this type of character can have when given a new approach.

Plastico Portada

Douglas Wagner He is one of the masters who make industry without his name coming to the fore. But there is more than one established career in both the franchise and the independent market. His most notable work to date vinylbut Plastico surprised him again with a crazy offer.

The first thing that is surprising is that the main character was chosen with the most extreme and eccentric character possible. Normally, these types of characters are luxury side characters who lose their influence when they take the lead. But this case finds the right keys to not accept even an ounce of madness, and the story still has its dramatic doses.

The plot is when Edwym Stoffgrupen, a retired serial killer, is forced to return to his old life. Now he’s retired for love. For a love Special† Virginia’s partner is a sex doll. The couple is doing well until Virginia falls into the clutches of a Louisiana millionaire who uses her to force Edwyn to kill for her. almost nothing…

The main character is clearly immoral and that is part of the charm of this story. When he focuses on such a character, he tends to relax in fear that the audience will feel disconnected from his actions. ANDIt is impossible not to try to humanize a character, to dig deep into his soul, to put us in his perspective and even to find a way to save him. Fortunately, this intention could not be foreign to this work.

The context it offers cannot be more decadent. All the characters are vile and this largely allows the reader to accept whatever happens to them. It is a work that shows a deep contempt for humanity, but because of this boldness, it makes the reader part of this abyss.

It is, without a doubt, the work of an instinct. He has moments of bloodshed, violence and disgust at the limit.† Gore does not change in this comic, but everything becomes delicious due to a sour and modest tone. Despite this unpleasant point, it is quite a fun game if the reader is willing to participate in the cafe game at the table.

Also, having such a main Martian character adds a surprise point to the story. The decisions I make do not always follow a rational and expected logic, which makes it a truly unpredictable business. This helps the reader to stay focused on all the pages of this paper.

Daniel Hillyard is the cartoonist who made such an interesting proposal a reality. This is because, despite its more absurd moments, it is rendered with impeccable classic realism.† He is an excellent performer who brings some frugality and restraint. Plastic don’t leave your mother.

she has a style cartoon this constantly lowers the tone. If the reader can engage in the story, it is largely because there is a certain lightness to the drawing. Obviously, they tried to have fun and did not try to tell a story of ego and vanity. Therefore, although he did not stand out for his brilliant character, he was the right cartoonist to tell this story.

Plastico Pagina

Color Laura Martin prefers naturalistic solutions† It is not a very successful business, but it meets the requirements of the design. His job attracts attention and he never tries to excel at any time. Rather, it is a well-tuned tool that helps with the story.

The Norma Editorial package is full of accessories, such as covers of all the compiled songs and detailed texts that analyze in depth parts of the creative process.† It is an affordable and unmatched version.

Plastic It is nonsense that you can enjoy if you are accepted as it is. It provides the dose of black humor that everyone needs from time to time. It seems more typical for other times. It’s a comic as solid as it is crazy. It’s a bloody and adrenaline rush that always works.

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