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Plugable’s new USB-C docking station supports up to four displays

Plugable has announced the new USB-C docking station UD-3900C4, offering the ability to connect up to four screens to your computer at the same time. Of course, it has other ports, including USB Type-A and Ethernet. The dock connects via a standard USB-C port, not a Thunderbolt, which means it will work with most modern computers.

The dock comes with four HDMI ports, and when all are connected at the same time, you can use up to four Full HD monitors at 60Hz. On Windows, all four screens are independent, but if you’re using a Mac, only three unique external displays can be connected, and the fourth will mirror the third. This is because the dock uses DisplayLink technology for the first two screens and Multi-Stream Transport (MST) with DisplayPort Alt Mode to connect the third and fourth. Macs do not support MST, so only one display is supported outside of DisplayLink connections.

In addition to the four HDMI ports, the Plugable UD-3900C4 dock also includes four USB Type-A ports (all with 5 Gbps speeds) and Gigabit Ethernet on the back, plus an SD card reader, a charging USB-C port 20 W, and split front audio jacks. The USB-C host connection is also on the back and also supports 100 W of power, so you can keep most laptops charged without any problems.

Plugable UD-3900C4 is available for purchase today for $ 349, placing it at par with many Thunderbolt docks in terms of price. However, this is definitely one of the most advanced USB-C docks out there, and even most Thunderbolt docks don’t have as many display outputs in one package, so the price is somewhat justified. If you want a convenient way to connect multiple screens at once, you can take the dock below.

    Connectable USB-C docking station UD-3900C4

    Plugable UD-3900C4 is a docking station that can connect up to four Full HD monitors, plus other laptop peripherals.

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