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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet new Pokémon

There is nothing like a new Pokémon game. The franchise has been around for years, with each new generation adding to the abundance of creatures available, and unsurprisingly, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet continue this trend. The new generation has some new, adorable and great monsters that would make any coach proud.

So I put this together Pokémon Scarlet and Violet new Pokémon guide, so you know who all the fresh faces are. Whether I stay with you or not, that’s another story, there are over 900 Pokemon right now, and we honestly try to remember everyone in the first generation, no matter who follows them.

Since you are here, it is safe to assume that you are a “mon” fan, in which case you should check our selection of the best Pokémon games - we are, of course, right in our selections and we will not answer any questions. We also have some Arceus guides on hand, such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus Eevee, Pokémon Legends: Arceus evolution items, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus the new Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet new Pokémon

Sprigatito from a house and trees


The first of the new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon is Sprigatito, and this adorable feline is the beginning of the grass type. Just look at that face. Look at her. How could anyone want to fight that sweet ball of fluff? You might just win the battle because no one wants to hurt the grass cat.

Quaxly in front of a house


Well, this little one has a fabulous hat, if we say ourselves - a real fashionista. Okay, so Quaxly is the water starter, but it gets hybrid after its final evolution. We certainly can’t wait to see the flying, water-like hybrid.

Fireplace in front or house and pool


Completing the new beginners is Fuecoco and it is safe to say that it is the most adorable croc that adorns a Pokémon game to date. As you can probably guess, Fuecoco is the fire-type starter, and given how incredible the final stage Pokémon tends to look, we can only imagine that its third form will be quite intimidating.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new pokemon: a pokemon resembling a small hamster is visible


An electric mouse-type Pokemon, Pawmi is a small rodent that looks like a chubby-cheeked hamster. It is used by your friend Nemona and may have a static or natural healing ability.

Scarlet Pokemon and new Violet Pokemon: A pig-like pokemon is visible


Lechonk is a normal guy and is classified as the Pig Pokemon and, with his brown fur around his nose, it looks like he might be digging things in the ground. It is also used by your friend Nemona and may have the ability to flavor veil or greed.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new pokemon: a pokemon is visible that looks like a little olive


Smoliv is right, the little olive Pokemon. It has double grass and normal typing, and its height is only 0.3 m. It has the capacity of an early bird and is again one of the first Pokemon used by your friend Nemona. We like Smoliv, but do you want to know if it’s okay to eat them?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new pokemon: a pokemon snake is visible


The legendary box for Pokemon Scarlet, Koraidon looks like a snake and a dragon mixed with a motorcycle. It seems to be inspired by the many mythical creatures known as flying snakes, with feathers on their heads. We don’t know yet what kind of typing he will have.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new pokemon: a pokemon snake is visible


The legendary box for Violet Pokemon, Miraidon is objectively better than any other Pokemon announced so far. Look at this thing, it’s like a futuristic hoverbike and a snake had a baby. It is said that both Koraidon and Miraidon have powers far beyond those of other Pokemon, but the details of any of them are still shrouded in mystery.

Here are all the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet we know about. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, as we’ll be adding more when they are announced. If you’re tired of looking at ‘mon, check out our list of the best Switch RPGs to see what’s left.

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