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PS Plus PS1 games use the superior 60Hz NTSC format in Japan

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Sony ‘s decision to release lower 50Hz PAL versions of its PS1 games with PS Plus Premium behind the lot attention, but now the service has been launched in Japan, there is finally positive news: the platform owner uses 60Hz NTSC ROMs with key titles such as Ape Escape. This was to be expected, as these are the only Japanese language versions of the games available, but it is potentially good for those of you in North America, where NTSC was also the standard.

Of course, it seems that those of us in Europe may have slower versions of 50 Hz, which would still be our own massive target - especially if the Japanese giant does not give us the option to choose. Recently, some patches released in Asia in a hurry tried to change the code from 50 Hz to 60 Hz, resulting in an ick-inducing ghosting. So while there is good news for Japan, Sony is still working on emulated games at the most expensive level - don’t expect this issue to go away.

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