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PSVR2 is “super impressive” and Horizon Call of the Mountain is “very, very loud”

PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain PS5 1

PSVR2 has been officially announced for some time and I even saw a selection of games for the first time last night. Game condition - but the practical impressions were easy. This is because very few outsiders have actually played it yet - we are still looking forward to our first opportunity to put it into practice.

However, Sony Santa Monica writer and former IGN reporter Alanah Pearce used the headphones, and in a live stream, she revealed some impressions - despite being technically below the NDA. “I played that,” she announced of Horizon Call of the Mountain when her game trailer came out. “That’s why I tried PSVR2, I played it. Technically, I’m not allowed to talk about it, so I think all I can say is that I thought it was very, very cool. In fact, I was very impressed with PSVR2 in general. I work for PlayStation, so believe me with a grain of salt - bias and all that. It may not mean anything at all, but I was super impressed - I thought it was great. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on that at all. “

Earlier this year, former Valve employee Chet Faliszek shared some thoughts about PSVR2 following a GDC demonstration. “I had one of those VR moments today played in the new PSVR2 HMD,” he said. “Do you know where the world feels different when you come back? So good … thanks [Shuhei Yoshida] and [Greg Rice] for demonstration and chat. ”

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