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PSVR2’s Horizon Call of the Mountain has been massively improved in a new teaser

Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR PlayStation VR2
Picture: PSVR without parole

Horizon Call of the Mountain, as you may recall, was officially announced by Firesprite and Guerrilla earlier this year. Sony showed a very short tent trailer PSVR2 headline and promised more news soon. This information is scheduled to arrive during Game condition later today, as confirmed by PlayStation on social media with a short teaser clip.

That little video, as he saw it PSVR without parole, saw a massive upgrade from the original trailer. While that original clip was stunning - arguably one of the best virtual reality graphics I’ve seen so far - the new one shows a huge leap in lighting, foliage density and detail. general.

In the video, you see a Tallneck going over your head and it’s important to remember how impressive the scale of this will be in VR. Sony has a huge challenge to demonstrate the PSVR2 experience in traditional flat screen trailers - as PSVR owners will know, the sense of perspective is extremely different when wearing headphones - but these images are impressive even by non-VR standards.

We think this will be an absolute spectacle. Although there are many amazing VR games available to play, there has been a real lack of investment in AAA content, except maybe Half-Life Alyx. With the PSVR2 specifications being well ahead of everyone else on the market and with two talented primary teams placed here, expect it to be a truly stunning title.

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