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Real Estate Offers in 2022: What Lawyers Need to Know

skyline-district-3302126_1920The real estate market was on a roller coaster during the pandemic, with dramatic declines and declines as both buyers and sellers learned to navigate the ongoing uncertainties.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that the lawyers involved in the negotiation of real estate offers are aware of the problems and the market situation.

PLI conducted a one-day program entitled Negotiating real estate offers 2022where program presidents Martin Polevoy of DLA Piper and Jon Mechanic of Fried Frank, some of the nation’s most respected real estate attorneys, and a panel of expert professors will share tips and techniques tested in the fight to negotiate even the most complex transactions. .

This informative, interactive program will combine prepared presentations with audience involvement to cover issues such as:

  • Key changes in the real estate market in 2022
  • How real estate is developing in the growing bio-technology industry
  • Purchase agreements and what you need to know about them before concluding a deal
  • How to structure and use Joint Ventures for real estate transactions
  • Strategic negotiation skills for loan training
  • Ethical obligations related to real estate transactions and how to minimize your risk of liability

This program is ideal for real estate and financial professionals who want to improve their practice skills and gain the knowledge needed to manage complex and valuable real estate transactions. Sign up today.

Of course, financing is the key to success in complex real estate transactions, and PLI also offers a 12-hour on-demand course, Commercial real estate financing 2022covering the disadvantages of legal issues, including:

  • Delaware Law LLC
  • Commercially valued clean energy financing (C-PACE).
  • Negotiating loan training
  • Jurisprudence on promissory note issues, including creditor liability
  • Key Issues in Mezzanine Lending
  • Communication with rating agencies
  • Legal ethics in transactional real estate activity

This program is ideal for legal professionals who want to consolidate their knowledge of applicable laws and deepen their practical real estate skills.

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