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Reminder: SnowRunner is making its way to PS5 today, a free upgrade for PS4 gamers

Simulation titles like SnowRunner are certainly not for everyone, but we are big fans of these strangely satisfying games. This, in particular, is about driving large transport vehicles through extreme terrain and conditions, and while it is kind of a chore, it can be a deeply compelling experience. Today, gamers will be able to push these trucks and cars to their limits in new levels of loyalty, as Focus Entertainment brings the title to the PS5.

The current generation native version of SnowRunner benefits from 4K resolution, 60 fluid frames per second, improved depth of field and faster loading times. DualSense and its bells and whistles are not mentioned, but this seems like the perfect game to take advantage of the fancy pad, so hopefully it’s included. The best part is that PS4 owners can upgrade to the PS5 version for free, and the save data will be transferred. You can also claim the free Anniversary DLC by giving yourself access to a couple of extra trucks.

It also happens to be released right next to Season 7: Compete & Conquer. Available as a standalone DLC or as part of Year 2 Pass, it introduces racing elements into SnowRunner. A Tennessee-based map and two new vehicles are added, and you can compete on dirt roads and roads, as well as on a rugged off-road route. There are time trial challenges or you can compete with your friends online.

Will you check out SnowRunner on PS5? Sing the Mr. Plow jingle for the rest of the day in the comments section below.

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