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Roller Champions has a strong core, but is struggling to keep up

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Roller Champions is the new free-to-play multiplayer game recently released by Ubisoft, which introduces players to a new digital sport to master. At the surface level, he combines roller derby with basketball, although he replicates his own rules to create a fresh experience. It’s a perfectly good idea, and there are definitely some good things about it. However, after spending some time getting acquainted with the game and its quirks, we feel that it is wasting its own potential.

Here are the basic rules of Roller Champions. Inside an ovular arena, two teams of three compete for possession of the ball. Once your team has it, you have to go through four checkpoints, passing the rink counterclockwise. If you and your teammates can keep the ball and complete a round, the goal will open, and you can score a point by lobbing the ball through it. However, if you go through a second or even a third round uninterrupted, a goal will bring your team three or five points, respectively. The opposing team may approach your players or intercept passes to steal possession back, and if they do, progress is reset and they will have to start their own turn. The first team to reach five points wins.

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When all is said and done, the push and pull of a Roller Champions match can be tense, exciting, and incredibly gratifying when you succeed. It is a sport that moves very fast and surprisingly unpleasant, which encourages good team coordination.

The important thing is that the movement feels smooth and you are given a few options to navigate the arena. Passing the ball is easy; will reach teammates if they are close enough and you can always throw the ball manually if they are further away. However, your opponents can and will intercept, so you need to choose your passes carefully. In the meantime, you have several approach moves, as well as a dodge on the ground and air when you hold the ball. There is enough in its center to create a fun multiplayer, and there is certainly a skill curve to follow. Even just learning how and when to “pump” - lowering the center of gravity to increase speed by descending slopes - is quite vital.

The problem is, unfortunately, most of the other aspects of the game feel too undercooked. The basic gameplay is definitely the best part of Roller Champions, although we will say that the detection of collisions seems irregular. Dodging tacks, as well as their execution, may be inaccurate; I often found that pressing the dodge did not prevent an attacking player from winning the ball, even when it seemed timed correctly. There is still work to be done to tighten the tacks and dodges so that they feel consistent.

Moving away from the game, however, his weaknesses begin to surface. For a start, he commits the main sin of not queuing up another match when the current one ends. When a game ends and you go through the post-game screens, you’re back to the main menu instead of automatically returning. In a free, only online multiplayer game, which is about keeping and keeping the users involved, it’s weird negligence.

It’s even more confusing when matches can end so quickly. With a goal score of just five points, a game can be completed in just a few minutes. In our experience, you can spend more time in the matchmaking queue than playing, and then return to the menu screen.

When a game ends, you are rewarded with Fans, and they complete your progress bar in the Roller Pass. This is the typical Battle Pass-style method of unlocking cosmetic rewards and occasionally a loot box, but man, the free version of this game is stingy. There are 30 levels in the Kickoff Season of the Roller Champions, and if you stay for the free Roller Pass, you will receive 11 rewards - less than half of the items in the Premium version. These include three loot boxes and a total of 200 wheels, which is a premium in-game coin needed to purchase items from the Item Store. At the time of writing, there is only one item a day that costs less than 200 wheels, and the only other way to get wheels is to buy them directly. Everything feels very cynical. However, we do not want to be tired of monetization, because that’s it It is all optional, and that It is a free title. He has to make some money, but here he seems quite aggressive.

Elsewhere, the presentation is decent, the net code seems functional, and the robots that fill in the blanks in a game do their job - but coming from a publisher like Ubisoft, everything should probably be better. The general feeling we have from Roller Champions right now is that it could be very good in a year, assuming the developer continues to adjust it.

It’s just that it’s pretty frustrating. There is absolutely the potential for this game to be great, because the sport in his heart is well done and most of the game works smoothly. The game feels a little sparse, as if it was pushed before it’s really ready. In the end, we still encourage people to try it, because it’s free and offers some fun, but right now we’re not sure it has what it takes to thrive in a highly competitive live service market.

Have you played Roller Champions on PS4? What do you think of this so far? Put the ball in the comments section below.

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