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Safemoon SFM owners are in love with Bitgert Mainnet projects

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Here are some of the Bitgert projects that Safemoon owners buy

Key points:

  • Bitgert has almost 30 projects on the main network now
  • Safemoon owners buy Bitgert to buy Startup projects

Bitgert’s projects attract many crypto investors, and Safemoon owners are some of them. Many Safemoon investors buy Bitgert today to allow them to invest in Bitgert Startup Studio projects.

The projects supported by Bitgert have grown, and those already launched have become market capitalization projects worth several million. This is what attracts Safemoon investors, as many of them have made good profits from these projects. Here are the Bitgert projects that Safemoon owners buy:


OmniaVerse was one of the projects supported by Bitgert, which was largely joined by a large number of Safemoon investors. OmniaVerse is working on delivering the first multiverse to metaverse users. It is still one of the fastest growing Bitgert projects, hence the reason Safemoon owners join it.


The Miidas project has attracted a lot of attention from Safemoon owners because of the product the team is building. The Miidas NFT market is doing very well in the market, with most NFT sales being sold. Miidas is at the forefront of projects supported by Bitgert, which is doing very well.

Brise paradise

The Brise Paradise project is building a hotel and resort in the Maldives. The design and design of this project and its usefulness are what attract Safemoon owners. Brise Paradise has already started construction and that is why many Safemoon owners are buying it.


When the BrisePad pre-launch was launched, it only lasted 10 seconds. This is how popular this project, supported by Bitgert, is. BrisePad is a launch pad for the powerful Bitgert blockchain, which is why it could attract a lot of attention from Safemoon owners.


The market capitalization of Numitor was among the fastest growing in the market. The Numitor presale expired shortly after its launch. The team is working on a product that provides DeFi liquidity and also pairs. That’s why it attracts Safemoon owners.

VeFi network

The VeFi network is a Bitgert-supported project working to build a complete blockchain ecosystem. The powerful product is what makes this Bitgert project popular in the market. The VeFi network has partnered with Centcex to develop a powerful DEX. It is one of the Bitgert projects that attracts Safemoon owners.

Young parrot

Youngparrot is another attractive Bitgert-supported project that Safemoon owners buy. It is a strong NFT market that attracts a lot of attention from Safemoon investors. Youngparrot has already developed this market in the Bitgert chain.

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