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Safemoon Swap & Evolve does not have a significant impact on Bitgert’s dominance, say cryptographic analysts


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Bitgert will continue to dominate Safemoon, even in the days to come

Key points:

  • Safemoon has just launched its much-anticipated Swap & Evolve, which addresses the drop in prices created by its token names
  • The Bitgert The zero-duty gas chain remains the most dominant and most adopted blockchain in the industry today.

The much anticipated Safemoon Swap & Evolve was launched a few days ago and is already addressing the expected issues. The Safemoon team wanted to address the issue of the decrease in SFM caused by the Swap and Liquify function.

Tokenomica Safemoon includes the sale of the 500 million SFM from the accumulated 10% tax for all transactions. But whenever SFM is sold, the price of Safemoon usually falls. This is a negative effect and can cause panic among holders, who sometimes end up selling their assets, fearing that the sale of functions is a sign of a future downturn in the market.

Safemoon addresses this issue with Swap & Evolve. The new product allows Safemoon to avoid the negative effect created by the Swap and Liquify function. Swap & Evolve reduced the amount collected from 500 M SFM to 323,323.32. This reduces the negative impact on charts, as the decline is automatically reduced.

The amount collected is the difference between collectBNB and SwapAndEvolve, which helps to create a positive effect on charts. However, crypto experts say that this is just a cosmetic solution to the problem, because it does not affect in any way the performance of the Safemoon price.

Safemoon Swap & Evolve will have no impact on Bitgert’s dominance (BRISE) over Safemoon and other crypto projects. Bitgert has already left Safemoon miles behind, so a product with no significant value will have no impact. Bitgert will continue to dominate Safemoon, even in the days to come.

There are many significant developments that the Bitgert team is working on and that are expected to imprint Bitgert’s dominance on Safemoon and many other crypto projects. The Bitgert gas-free chain still keeps the Bitgert project away from those like Safemoon.

Bitgert has also begun developing the V2 roadmap, which has more impactful blockchain products than Safemoon Swap & Evolve. Bitgert’s stable crypto connection is another development that will give Bitgert a strong market position. There are many projects supported by Bitgert and will have a greater impact than Safemoon Swap & Evolve.

The bottom line is that Bitgert remains unbeatable even with Safemoon launching its Swap & Evolve. Bitgert is well ahead of Safemoon and it will be almost impossible for the two to compete again.

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