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Samsung launches fixes from June 2022 for Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 2

As it has done for the past few months, Samsung has launched new monthly security fixes long before Google’s official program. After maintaining the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy S21 series, the South Korean giant has now started launching the June 2022 security fixes for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 series.

Galaxy S22 series

According to reports on our forums, Samsung has started to release a new software update for Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra, which brings security fixes for June 2022. The update is for the global version of Snapdragon and has a firmware version S90xEXXU2AVEH.

In addition to security fixes and bug fixes, the upgrade increases the basic version of the Linux kernel from 5.10.43 to 5.10.81. So far, the launch has only been launched in the United Arab Emirates, but we can expect Samsung to expand it to more regions soon.

    Samsung Galaxy S22

    Samsung Galaxy S22 is the entry symbol for 2022, delivering top performance and camera capabilities in a shape that fits many pockets and budgets.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold 2 also takes over the June 2022 fixes with a new update. OTA is currently launching in South Korea and comes with a software version F916NKSU1FVE9 (F916NTBU1FVE9 for KOO alternative).

Patch for Galaxy Z Fold June 2, 2022

After installing this update, Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners can finally use the “Smart Widgets” feature of One UI 4.1. These are specialized widgets that can be stacked and can host multiple widgets at once.

If you own a Galaxy S22 or Galaxy Z Fold 2 and live in the regions listed above, look for OTA notification in the coming days. You can also manually check for updates by logging in settings > Software update and clicking Download and install button.

As always, updates are released in batches. That being said, if you’re no stranger to computer interference, you can skip the queue. To do this, download the latest version directly from the company’s firmware update server (FUS) and flash it manually on your Galaxy device.

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