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SCOTUS rules against forced speech. The breakdown is still worth talking about.

SCOTUS Supreme Court by David Lat

US Supreme Court (Photo by David Lat).

I don’t even think Nate Silver saw that coming. Texas law, which manipulates point of view discrimination to prevent popular social networking sites from eliminating anything from Uncle Billy Bob’s revelation on Mexicans to a live stream of a murder, has seen its way to the Supreme Court. And it was blocked. Cam.

The court’s short order was unsigned and gave no reasons, which is typical when judges act on urgent requests. The order was not the last word in the case, which is pending before a federal court of appeal and may return to the Supreme Court.

How grateful I am for the result, you have to wonder about the composition of this 5-4.

It is also important to note that this decision is greater than the protection of a robust first amendment. It also signals a change in how the use of the shadow file is justified.

This is unlikely to be the last time we see either this law or similar laws. Like it or not, I think Alito is in the mood for the moment.

“This request concerns issues of great importance that will clearly deserve to be reviewed by this court,” he wrote. “Social media platforms have transformed the way people communicate with each other and get news. At issue is a revolutionary Texas law that addresses the power of dominant social media corporations to shape public discussions about important issues of the day. ”

I hope that the “configuration” of SCOTUS will inevitably make the decision will not make it easier for foreign countries to influence our choices and ignite the flames of racial warfare.

The Supreme Court is blocking Texas law governing social media platforms [NYT]

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