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Season 3 OA is canceled, but is it really gone?

We like a good mystery drama. But what we don’t like is when a show is canceled or interrupted. Especially if there aren’t many seasons. That’s what happened with the magnificent Netflix series a.

The series is divided into two seasons of eight episodes each. And so much so that the spectators waited for another season. And we’re here to give you answers.

Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling, is a young woman who comes home after a seven-year disappearance. Prairie’s sudden reappearance is not the only miraculous incident: everyone is surprised to discover that she is no longer blind.

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How can this actually happen? While the FBI and her parents are eager to discuss Prairie’s disappearance, she refuses to talk about what happened while she was missing. Let’s look for answers now.

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Season 3 OA will not happen

If you’ve been hoping for a third season for years, we’re sorry to disappoint you. The third season of OA will not be renewed. The show was canceled of the Netflix streaming platform after season two.

Besides the cancellation, the worst part is that the show ends in a cliffhanger. I wanted answers, but we won’t get them now. Marling voiced her and Batmanglij’s deep sorrow in order not to be able to complete the show.

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Many spectators took action, starting petitions and hashtags to renew the show for another season. Some enthusiasts have speculated online that the cancellation announcement was just a stunt.

Cindy Holland said: “We are incredibly proud of the 16 fascinating chapters of The OA and we are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their bold vision and for realizing it through their incredible talent … We look forward to we work with them again in the future. , in this and perhaps in many other dimensions. ”

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OA was intended to be on a 5-story arch

Isaacs mentioned something about the five-season thing. And he said that the team had already realized all this in their minds.

“They have all five seasons planned in ch. They did it before they started. And that’s one of the reasons I think the series was originally taken over by Netflix.

Because they came up with this thing that was fully formed, they are their unique voices. It does not bear the imprint of any kind of executive development. “

He added: “I’m so excited to see him as a fan that I hope I’m glad people like the show as much as I do, because we’d like to get season three, four and five.” .

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Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president for original series, confirmed the five-season arc of the story in an interview with a news channel.

“OA is fantastic … I think from the very beginning when Brit [Marling] and Zal [Batmanglij] he launched a five-season arc for us, we were very excited. ”

Marling also posted a letter on Instagram to discuss with the audience about the cancellation of the show.

We understand your disappointment with the cancellation, but there will be no more seasons. The best shows are always canceled.

Although it has been canceled, it will remain with its spectators forever. You are welcome to share your views on cancellation in the comments section below.

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