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Should I install the iOS beta on my iPhone?

iPhones are solid smartphones that have been receiving software updates for many years. Apple is trying to bring as many of the new features and security fixes as possible to its older phones. As a result, many users do not feel the need to upgrade to newer iPhones. This is because major software updates can refresh the look and feel of an older device. Looks like we’ve moved on to a new model, even though the hardware is still the same. This makes it tempting to install iOS beta versions, especially considering the simplicity of the process. With beta versions, users can try new features ahead of time. Cost is an unstable experience and errors vary in severity. So is it worth giving up this stability? Should I install iOS beta on my iPhone? Here’s what you need to know.

In general, iOS beta versions tend to be more stable than Android beta versions. So, if you have survived the latter, it is safe to assume that you will not have major problems with the former. The great thing about iPhones is that you can easily revert to a stable version if the beta version is too bad as you want. So, unlike the Apple Watch, you’re not stuck with very limited options.

However, it’s probably a bad idea to install an early beta version of a future iOS version on your daily driver. Some banking applications may no longer work, not to mention that the phone’s core functions may be broken. So, if you depend on your phone in everyday life, expect inconveniences and obstacles here and there.

Personally, I have never experienced intolerable problems that force me to return. I’ve been running every iOS beta for years and it’s definitely achievable. However, different people have different standards and expectations when it comes to these issues. Some people may disagree with some of the mistakes they ignore and vice versa. Finally, if you know what you’re doing, it’s okay to try the beta route.

    Apple iPhone 13

    iPhone 13 is the latest iPhone from Apple, with better cameras, a bigger battery and a smaller notch.

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro

    The iPhone 13 Pro is part of Apple’s iPhone 2021 range. It is powered by the new A15 Bionic chip and runs on iOS 15.

Will you install iOS beta? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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