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Should I install the macOS beta on my Mac?

Macs are very powerful computers that become more manageable with just one major release of macOS. Universal control on macOS Monterey, for example, allows Mac users with other Macs or iPads to increase their productivity. Thanks to its advanced multitasking features, people can now focus on doing more in a shorter amount of time. Every fall, Apple releases a major update to macOS for the public. However, users can easily install macOS beta in June, instead of waiting. The beta program lasts throughout the year, with the company generating pre-release and minor versions. More importantly, is it a smart idea to install macOS beta on your Mac? The answer differs depending on your personal case, but we have some tips to offer and we hope it will help you figure it out.

First of all, you should know that trying the latest interesting additions comes at a cost. Glossy features are not initially like glossy. The testing process is the one that smoothes them out. So if you decide to sign up, you’ll have to deal with errors and instabilities that could paralyze your workflow. So if you’re using your Mac for work or study, it’s a wise decision to refrain from installing macOS beta - especially in the early stages of a new major / annual release.

Personally, I’ve been on the macOS beta channel for over a year. Yes, there are frustrations associated with these pre-release versions. However, none of them were bad enough to make me retire. You should also know that reverting to a stable version on a Mac is not as easy as on an iPhone. In addition, on a rare occasion, a beta version could destroy your Mac or even damage its hardware. Now that you know the risks, you can decide if it’s worth it or not. If you have a spare Mac that you don’t depend on, you may be able to install the beta on that computer.

    Apple MacBook Air M1

    The MacBook Air is powered by the Apple M1 chip and runs macOS Monterey.

Will you install macOS beta on your Mac? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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