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Sniper Elite 5: The video compares all the latest versions

The Bit Analyst has published a comparison video of all version New generation Sniper Elite 5. In general, Rebellion’s game works well on all platforms. The Xbox Series X version has a slight advantage in terms of the number of pixels in the console world, but it is very small and difficult to notice if you do not use the proper analysis tools. Otherwise, let’s look at the important points of the film.

The Xbox Series S runs at 1080p and 60fps with a dynamic resolution that allows it to average 972p; The PS5 version runs at 2160P for 60fps, with dynamic resolution allowing it to have an average of 2016p; The Xbox Series X runs at 2160p for 60fps, with dynamic resolution averaging 2088p. The PC version runs in stable 4K.

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Keep in mind that the game takes up 80.60 GB on Xbox consoles, 85.86 GB on PC and only 68.69 GB on PS5. Same for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions Overall qualityThe Xbox Series S version bears fruit in terms of details, as expected. The best version in terms of graphics playback is the Ultra detailed version for PC.

When he comes loading times, console versions take over 7 seconds to start, let’s imagine with a high-performance SSD on the PC, drops to less than six seconds. The frame rate is stable in all versions, with fluctuations of a few frames on the Xbox Series S.

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