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Sonic Frontiers images show Sonic’s new moves

Sonic Frontiers gameplay teaser trailer

Sega seems to be starting Summer Games Fest quite early, giving us a first look at the gameplay for its highly anticipated Sonic game. Sonic Frontiers.

Sega has posted the latest IGN First exclusive teaser trailer on Twitter, and shows Sonic sprinting through the lush fields of Starfall Island, running on a cyber hamster wheel to send some sort of signal, sanding rails around the ruins of skyscrapers. -clouds and kicking the enemy. as Deku in My hero academy. In addition to the gameplay, we also see the new one Sonic Frontiers logo, which shows a blue eye for the “o” of the last fragmented word.

Enjoy this little preview of Sonic Frontiers and listen to it throughout June for @IGN The first cover story for several exclusive revelations in the world!

- Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) May 31, 2022

The trailer brings back the blue mystical path that emits behind Sonic, which was first seen in last year’s teaser trailer and seems to be a new element of the game. When Sonic rolls a circle around a geometric rune-like enemy, the blue circle acts as a barrier that subdues the enemy before Sonic attacks him.

By the way, Blue Blur has now incorporated hit attacks into its repertoire, which is a rarity that has only been seen in scenes from previous Sonic games or other environments such as Sonic X. And not only does Sonic kick his native enemies and robot bosses forward, but he seems to be spinning them up as well.

The gameplay trailer is the first in a series Sonic Frontiers content that IGN will unveil during June, which happens to be Sonic’s birthday. More information about his game will be revealed tomorrow.

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