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Sony is setting up the software business department in China, as the PS5 is starting strong in the country

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The appetite for PS5 is growing in China, a growth territory targeted for Sony, after its slight success in the country with PS4. In a recent meeting with investors, the owner of the platform noted that the sales of his new generation console are 2.7 times higher than with the PS4 in the same launch period of 72 weeks - and this despite the supply constraints. In addition, the average cumulative spending on the active device also increased significantly PS Plus subscribers have more than tripled.

All this means that China is currently the sixth largest market for the PS5, after the USA, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France. The PS5 stock the situation could prevent other regions from overcoming it, but in the end the evidence is clear: PlayStation is growing in China at an impressive pace.

As a result, the platform owner has set up a new division called the China Software Business Department, which will be headed by a director named Sean Kelly. It is not clear what exactly the mission of this branch will be, but it is assumed that one of its roles will involve signing contracts with locally developed games, as we saw recently with China Hero Project.

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