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Sony withdraws God of War from GeForce Now as PS Plus relaunch

Cloud gaming continues to gain momentum with the launch of the refurbished PlayStation Plus from Sony in all its major launch markets until the end of June. Sony has had a cloud offering for some time, but it hasn’t been that good. So the renovation to PS Plus is exciting. But one side effect seems to be that Sony is watching Xbox and keeping its primary titles to itself. Either that or the imminent departure of God of War from Nvidia GeForce Now is a massive coincidence.

But it really isn’t, is it?

On July 1, God of War will be removed from the GeForce Now library for both Steam and Epic Games. With the latest launch of PS Plus being online until June 23, the time is running out. God of War on GeForce Now uses, of course, the PC version. While the new PS Plus cloud offering will ship the PS4 version.

Is not all bad news, but if you’re planning on playing God of War on GeForce Now, you need to get to it. Nvidia has provided an update on its support blog:

God of War on Nvidia GeForce Now

On July 1, God of War (Steam, Epic Games Store) will be removed from the GeForce NOW library. However, it will remain available to those who have played GeForce NOW at least once. As part of the GeForce NOW registration process, some games may continue to be available to members by inheritance. This will allow members who have started playing a game at least once on GeForce NOW to continue it, even after the game has been removed for users who have not played it.

So if God of War is in your cloud stock, you need to open it as soon as possible to record that you’ve played it. This means that after July 1st you will still have access. For all those who don’t get there on time, it looks like you’ll pay for PS Plus Premium for this game and any future Sony in the cloud.

    NVIDIA GeForce Now

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Source: NVIDIA

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