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Spotify Chart: What is it and how do you see your own genre?

Spotify Pie Chart is the latest feature for users of the online music streaming portal, which has recently gone viral. This feature, created by a third party company, analyzes your listening habits and presents the results in the form of a pie chart.


Learn what it is and how to create and view your own Spotify genre chart for a detailed look at your music tastes. However, there isn’t a specific user for this, but you can simply use it to let others know what kind of music you regularly listen to on Spotify.

If you remember Spotify’s annual “Done” or “YouTube Recap” feature, you’ll find this feature very similar.

What is the Spotify pie chart?

Spotify Pie Chart is a new online tool created by Darren Huang, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), that allows users to get information about their music consumption in the form of a chart.

This tool analyzes your Spotify data, processes your listening habits, and then creates a pie chart based on it, showing different colors representing different genres. There is also a legend just below the pie chart that explains what color indicates what gender.

Not only does it categorize your listening habits into broad categories, such as rock and metal, but there are detailed genres, such as album-rock, post-grunge, K-pop, indie rock, and others, that reveal the exact type of songs. which you frequently reveal. play on Spotify.

This tool is similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” end-of-year feature, which provides a brief look at the artists and music you’ve listened to throughout the year. However, Spotify Pie Chart explains the genres, and you can create a chart each month, unlike Wrapped.

How to create and view Spotify chart?

Spotify pie chart is not a feature built into the popular music streaming and podcast platform. It is an external tool that you can access from its official website on a computer or mobile. However, you will need an active Spotify account to use it.

Once you’re done, launch a browser and go to it website. You will notice that the website asks you to “Bake the monthly gender pie”.

Bake your pie

Now, you need to enter your Spotify login information, and then you’ll see an agreement page asking for permission to analyze Spotify data. When you click “OK”, the tool will create the Spotify Chart.

You will then see your own pie chart explaining what genres you are listening to on Spotify, and below is an explanation of the colors that represent different genres. Below that, you’ll see a list of the artists you listen to the most, and the font name gets smaller from top to bottom.

Is this pie chart available for Apple Music or other services?

No, this pie chart is currently only available for Spotify. Not yet available for Apple Music users, Amazon Music users, YouTube Music users, or any other user of the service. You can only use this online tool with a Spotify account and learn about your listening habits.

We may see the same or similar tools for these services in the near future. Until then, only Spotify users have access to Darren Huang’s pie chart tool.

Spotify users are absolutely obsessed with this. Social media platforms are full of people discussing their music charts. Have you tried it yet? Feel free to share the results in the comments section. We will not judge you.

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