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Stay rich with FF7FS Twitter campaigns

Don’t you like it when a community comes together? Especially in mobile games, and not just for comrades (although that’s great), but because it usually results in great in-game rewards that all players can enjoy, and that’s what happens in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier in while two Twitter campaigns hit their target.

thanks to Twitter campaigns Final Fantasy 7: The first soldier and their success, all the soldiers there now have access to some great rewards. First of all, you can get a sample of SOLDIER skin (mako) and three tickets for the Shinra package, after the 777 of you announced the FF7FS season 3 tweet appreciations and retweets.

As for the second Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier campaign, which marks the FF7FS half-year celebration, 500 of you have shared screenshots as a result. tweet confirms that each SOLDIER there receives two tickets for the Shinra package, and five other lucky participants receive 1,000 Shinra credits.

How can I capitalize on the rewards of my FF7FS Twitter campaign?

To redeem your wonderful freebies, simply log in to the game in the next 30 days, where they are waiting for you.

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