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Street Fighter 6 shows its new style in the debut trailer

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PlayStation State of Play this summer has been packed with big names, including Street Fighter 6. Capcom has reviewed the highly anticipated sequel to its flagship fighting game series with a detailed trailer featuring the setting, gameplay and versus mode, including cameos from Ryu and Chun-Li. It looks elegant, even if it changes the artistic direction from what Street Fighter fans already know.

Street Fighter 6 plays a new protagonist named Luke - introduced in the first moments of the trailer. We see him training at a martial arts hall in New York City. Hell, the Statue of Liberty is pictured in a reduced photo of the harbor. That Street Fighter 5It seems that Street Fighter 6 will have a kind of story mode. It involves an exploration of the open world, in which Luke will meet on the streets of New York and face familiar fighters in the series. Ryu and Chun-Li appear, along with other newcomers Jamie and Kimberly.

The anime-inspired, semi-realistic character models are the same, as is the controversial one Street Fighter 6 logo that moves away from the traditional graffiti style street fighter typography. However, the new trailer shows how newly implemented splashes of color can draw attention to every punch and kick. Ironically, the game seems to have more colors and graffiti-inspired art than ever before.

The latest trailer doesn’t detail any new or returning mechanics, but it does involve a new style to come. Capcom referred to Luke as the future of the series when it released it as the last DLC character for Street Fighter 5. Looks like that’s what they meant. Street Fighter 6 will also include the voices of FGC commentators in the game, which is a premiere for the series.

Street Fighter 6 will launch sometime in 2023. This is the first time Capcom has even offered a vague launch window since the announcement of the title.

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