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Surviving Summer cast - Ages, partners, characters

Australian drama for successful teenagers from Netflix Surviving the summer it certainly kept us glued to our seats and didn’t let us go until the end of the 10 episodes! We know that you loved the show as much as you loved the fantastic and the energetic Surviving the summer poured.

Surviving the summer It’s about Summer Torres, a rebellious Brooklyn teenager who is sent to live with family friends in the small town of Shorehaven on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Summer falls in love with the city, people and surfing, despite her best efforts. Now let’s take a look at Surviving the summer poured in detail!

Sky Katz - Summer Torres

Distribution Surviving Summer - Sky Katz as Summer Torres

Sky Katz and Summer Torres

Skylar Katz is a 17-year-old American actress known to the general public for her role as Tess O’Malley in the series. Raven’s Housewhich took place from 2017 to 2021. Sky is also a musician and therefore participated in the music department of the TV movie Kim Possible. In the Surviving the summeraspiring actress plays the main character Summer Torrez.

According to reports, Sky Katz is not currently meeting anyone. She is an active Instagram user and you can access her personal and business life photos from her profile.

Kai Lewins - Ari Gibson

Cast Surviving Summer - Kai Lewins as Ari Gibson

Kai Lewins and Ari Gibson

Kai Lewins is an Australian actor who has joined Surviving the summer cast as Ari Gibson. The actor made his TV debut as Tom Barrett in the TV series Wild boys. Then he appeared in TV series as well The gentleman’s elegant guide to fighting knives, Pulse and Roar. He has also appeared in films such as Moon Rock for Monday, Carlotta and Celeste.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about the actor’s age, but we estimate that he is 20 years old. It seems that Kai Lewins is dating a woman from 2019, whose name is still silent.

Savannah La Rain - Bodhi Mercer

Cast Surviving Summer - Savannah La Rain as Bodhi Mercer

Savannah La Rain ca Bodhi Mercer

His distribution Surviving the summer It’s mostly teenagers, because it’s a drama for teenagers. Savannah La Rain is one of the actresses in the series who is still very young - she is only 17 years old. She is multi-talented: she is an actress, a model and a dancer at the same time. In the Australian series, she plays Bodhi Mercer. In addition, Savannah La Rain has appeared in other TV series, such as Moved, Sirenele Mako and Wurrawhy. She has appeared in films such as Dora and the lost city of gold and Alpha Male.

According to reports, the actress is currently alone.

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Joao Marinho - Marlon Sousa

Cast Surviving Summer - Joao Marinho as Marlon Sousa

Joao Marinho and Marlon Sousa

Joao Marinho is an American actor who plays the role of Marlon Sousa in Surviving the summer. Marinho seems to have started his acting career only recently, as Surviving Summer is his first acting debut. He gave a pretty good performance in the series, which means that from now on we will see the handsome actor more often on screen.

Joao Marinho became famous for his role in Surviving the summer, but still keeps a big secret about his personal life. So, we don’t have much information about the actor when it comes to his age and relational status.

Lilliana Bowrey - Poppy Tetanui

Cast Surviving Summer - Lilliana Bowrey as Poppy Tetanus

Lilliana Bowrey as Poppy Tetanui

Lilliana Bowrey is an Australian actress and passionate professional surfer who can surf both longboard and shortboard. The talented surfer was nominated in the top 10 women surfers by Tracks Magazine and it doesn’t look like she will stop too soon, because she seems to have been surfing since childhood. She entered the TV industry as Poppy Tetanus in Surviving the summer.

Successful surfer and actress Lilliana Bowrey is 16 years old and currently does not meet anyone. She has an adorable and extroverted personality, who likes to share details about her sailing trip and personal life on her social media account.

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