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Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is slipping on Playdate soon

If you got your hands on that adorable little handheld known as Playdate, then I hope you had a great time working on the first game season. Beyond that, though, there are a whole bunch of other games waiting to be downloaded and played on Itch.io, with a growing library every day.

If you’re looking at the retro hardware market, you may have come across Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, a grid-based puzzle game that was previously released for PC, NES and even Dreamcast. The developer of Lowtek Games has announced that the title is now slipping on Playdate, launching tomorrow, June 1. Described as a combination of Lolo and Snake, Tapeworm Puzzle Disco Playdate it makes you play like the club’s titular tapeworm and you have to collect blood, play music and make sure the fleas have a great time.

The title was originally released for the NES in 2021, following a successful Kickstarter, with funding reaching a Playdate goal. Well, now it’s here, with exclusive game mechanics to use and the Playdate crank, because the crank can be used to wrap the worm back in the band. We can’t wait to crank it later this week.

If you are interested, you can watch the extended Itch.io trailer for the game below running on a NES, remember it will be in black and white on Playdate!

YouTube thumbnail

We absolutely love Playdate, but if you haven’t released one yet, be sure to read our full Playdate review to see why we recommend this great little handheld for anyone who loves indies.

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