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Taylor Frankie Paul’s “Soft Swap Swinging” MomTok scandal was explained

Don’t tell your mom it’s boring! Well, something outrageous is being cooked up among Mormon Mommy influences in Utah, as they have become a hotbed of scandal in recent days, amid allegations that they have swayed among friends in Utah. So what is “Soft Swap Swinging” and what is this drama about? Read on to find out more.

Engaging in “Soft Swap Swinging”

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Have you ever heard of the word “Soft Swap Swinging”? Well, good if you didn’t, because it seems that the influences of Mormon mothers in Utah are taking things to the next level. The focus of this drama is Taylor Frankie Paul and her husband Tate.

Paul is quite famous among influencers, as her TikTok boasts about 3.5 million viewers watching videos with a variety of dance challenges or her daughter putting on makeup. She also did a lot of content with a small group of moms in her Utah neighborhood who claimed to have built a new “Utah Content House.”

The drama begins when Paul announces that she and her husband are separating. In a video, she claimed that “her life is collapsing.” Another showed her the packaging boxes and expressed her enthusiasm for co-parenting with Tate.

Taylor Frankie Paul caused a stir on May 20, when she released a series of TikTok videos about her divorcing her husband, Tate. In a video that had over 10 million viewers, Taylor captioned: “At the age of twenty, I divorced, I started therapy, living alone for the first time with two children.”

She wrote in another clip on this topic: “My whole life has collapsed. And I can’t even talk about what … without knocking everyone down with me. ” However, her disciples thought she had to move into a new home, as videos circulated with her boxes moving, the story was much longer. Of course, scandals.

According to several reports, Paul claimed during a live TikTok session that she, her selected friends and their partners were involved in “swinging soft swap”. I’m getting confused. Well, I tried to explain the term below.

What does “Soft Swap Swinging” mean?

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Men’s health The article published in October 2021 defined an “easy exchange” as the act of temporary trading partners to indulge in joint acts that do not include penetration. A “complete exchange”, according to the publication, involves penetration.

Paul stated during a live session on social media that “the whole group [of friends] they were intimate with each other. ” she claimed that her husband had “dealt with more than one girl” and that he had done the same with all the other spouses.

As rude as it may seem, Paul confessed that he “got confused” by going “to the end” with a person in a friendship group without her husband knowing or without the knowledge or approval of the husband’s husband.

For information, they also had something called a “variable privacy agreement”, and Paul’s actions apparently violated this agreement, which said that the oscillating privacy would take place only with the presence of the main spouse of each party.

Strange as it may be …

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According to Paul, there are “three divorces in the group of friends”, two of which are the result of group debates. Paul quoted during a live session that “No one is innocent.” She added, “Everyone has connected with everyone in this situation.”

Paul insisted that the break-up of her marriage was not directly related to the incident, explaining: “Divorce is not like that, it’s all because of this huge explosion [in our friend group]. It was more because I felt like I had a lot of other problems and then that was the tip of the iceberg. ” Paul’s ex-husband soon removed all evidence of Taylor from his Instagram.

Around the same time, several other moms on their close-knit content creation team undermined his influence, and he even liked the comments that suggested she cheated on Tate. The move led to several divorces in Utah. What do we do with this story? My advice, stay away from these Mormon mothers!

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