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The 11th Circuit sees no reason why lawyer Lin Wood should not examine his head

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If attorney Lin Wood wanted to prove himself insane, his legal wanderings to circumvent the Georgia State Bar’s instructions to obtain mental health assessments are a strange way to do so.

Wood spent New Year’s Eve 2020 calling Judge Roberts a pedophile killer, along with Jeffrey Epstein. In 2021, while whipping up various denied theories of electoral fraud and angrily tried to overthrow President Biden’s victory, he posted to Parler, “Get ready for the execution platoon. Pence goes FIRST. ” and called the former vice president a “child abuser.” Until September, he warned his followers to stay away from Target and Walmart and “Stop buying the food they’ve been producing for years with parts of fetal tissue to kill you!”

What’s the kind of discussion that gets you started on Twitter if it’s not 72-hour standby? In this case, he managed to get the attention of the Georgia Bar, which initiated an investigation and ordered Wood to do a mental health assessment.

Wood responded in the healthiest way possible: he sued everyone he could think of in all the courts. He first ran to the state court, but when judges in Georgia refused to block the Bar’s investigation, Wood appealed to the U.S. District Court, filing a complaint alleging that the investigation violated the rights of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

So far, so crazy! But then Wood filed a motion asking U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten to disqualify him because he presided over some of Wood’s condemned election challenges, and Wood therefore intended to name Batten witness in the Bar investigation.

Judge Batten refused because the prior knowledge of the party acquired during the dispute was never a ground for challenge. And then he dismissed the case as an effort to interfere in a state proceeding.

Wood turned to Circuit Eleven, which is a weird way to prove you’re the healthiest lawyer in the world. In this case, it did not work, the panel of three judges unanimously ruling that none of his claims withheld water.

“Since the district judge was aware of Wood only from his experience, he has a judge and because he did not present a general bias to Wood in this case, no reasonable observer could conclude that the district judge was biased.” wrote the complete. yesterday, dismissing Wood’s assertion that Judge Batten abused his discretion by refusing to challenge himself.

With regard to Wood’s assertion that the Bar’s investigation was not a proceeding to Younger abstention, the appellate court was not as impressed.

The district court concluded that “Wood’s claim would effectively prohibit” State Bar disciplinary proceedings against Wood, so the first factor was met. Wood disagrees, arguing that “it does not require any disciplinary investigation or incipient disciplinary proceedings”; “[r]ather, [he] just looking to order them [State Bar’s] mandate to undergo a mental health examination. ” His complaint suggests otherwise: he has asked for a “restraining order” on appeals “from the continuing violation of [Wood’s] rights of confidentiality ”and a statement stating that the defendants’ actions were [his] rights guaranteed by the First, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. ” He also demanded compensation for the “humiliation, embarrassment, damage to reputation and other injuries” he suffered. In our view, this exemption would clearly “interfere” with the State Bar’s investigation into Wood, as he is calling for a ban to prevent them, in general, from violating many of his constitutional rights.

And so Wood went back to where he started before touring every court in Atlanta. Well, not exactly where he started, since he could have kept his mouth shut about the Bar’s investigation and just stood for the stupid evaluation without all this manner, instead of showing the world exactly why the Bar might have good reason to doubt his mental stability. .

But this is not Lin Wood’s style.

Wood v. Frederick [11th Circuit Opinion]

Elizabeth Dye He lives in Baltimore, where he writes about law and politics.

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