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The best animal games on Switch and on mobile - great fun

No matter how overwhelming the outside world may seem, animals have always been mankind’s best friends. Whether it’s the movement of the tail, the twitching of a nose or the plant that your cat overturned when you left the room for five whole seconds, they always seem to have a way to make our lives easier. Of course, real-world animals come with a lot of responsibilities and can sometimes be a paw full of problems.

Fortunately, there are a lot of adorables animal games on both Switch and mobile, which allow you to spend time with a lot of virtual creatures, offering an escape from the hectic nature of modern life at the touch of a button. From embarking on island getaways full of fuzzy friends, to opening your own cat cafe or even running a post office like a pair of adorable, no-fly birds, there are plenty of experiences waiting to take you on a journey. world of pure and attractive friends. fun - and I’ve listed the best ones right here to read.

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Animal games on Switch

animal games ACNHBring her here!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Okay, so almost everyone has played Animal Crossing: New Horizons so far - if you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for? This lovely little sim took the world by storm during the harsh blockages of 2020 and it really felt like a beacon in the dark - a much-loved series that came back to take us all out of our troubles when we needed it most.

You find yourself landing on a small island, which soon becomes your own resort. Decorate, landscape, feed, fish and more, while shaping this rocky mass into a perfect escape. Meet a huge list of adorable animals, invite your favorites to move to your island and help them build their ideal home (a feature that is further developed in the Happy Homes DLC). It’s cute. It’s relaxing. And there are more animals going this way than you can count - believe us, we have a complete guide for ACNH villagers that covers them all!

animal games cat cafe managerBring her here!

Cat Cafe Manager

I barely managed to take it off since I put my paws on it and it quickly became my relaxation tool after a busy day. Cat Cafe Manager is a sincerely adorable business simulator in which you build your grandmother’s old cafe from the rubble, make meaningful connections with your regulars, fight an evil corporation that wants to take over the city, and help a magical cat rebuild an ancient altar. . In addition, cats. So many cats.

If you want to know more, take a look at our Cat Cafe Manager review.

Cat Cafe Manager Cat Cafe Manager Cat Cafe Manager Nintendo $ 19.99 Purchase now Network N earns affiliate commission from eligible sales.

animal games super animal royaleBring her here!

Super Animal Royale

Have you ever played PUBG or Fortnite and thought that “he needs more cute creatures”? Well, Super Animal Royale is the game for you. This free-to-play title does exactly what it says on the box - it’s a Battle Royale with super animals. Monetizing is not too aggressive, with only cosmetics available for purchase, the art is simple but super cute and is a great way to kill a few hours.

Of course, his performance is not always top notch, and with the relatively long battles of 64 players, the map may start to look a little sterile towards the end of the match. However, it’s fun, free, and cute, and there’s something inherently funny about seeing a cute kitten flying over an umbrella while holding a handgun.

Best games like it takes two phogsBring her here!


Just thinking about this game is enough to bring a radiant smile to my lips. The premise is simple, though very strange - you are this long, stretched, two-headed, bottomless dog. Go explore! With an adorable art style, cute characters and lots of fun puzzles to work with, it’s a wonderful, easy, silly experience. It’s designed for two-player cooperation on the couch, and it’s definitely more enjoyable when shared with a friend, but you can play solo if you’re more of a lone wolf.
Fogs! Fogs! Fogs! Nintendo $ 24.99 Purchase now Network N earns affiliate commission from eligible sales.

Best games like it takes two KeyWeBring her here!


Like Phogs, KeyWe is definitely designed for cooperation, although you can play solo. It’s a wonderful little unique title, which follows two Kiwis, Debra and Jeff, while trying to run a crowded post office. Pick up the packages, pull your ass in the buttons, still delicious snacks with other animal friends, all while trying to keep the well-oiled machine that is the post office in operation. You can even dress Jeff and Debra in small hats. What a delight.

KeyWe KeyWe KeyWe Nintendo $ 24.99 Purchase now Network N earns affiliate commission from eligible sales.

Animal Games in My Universe;  a dog bathing

Little Friends: Dogs and Cats and My Universe: The Pet Clinic

Okay, so I’ve put these two together, because they’re your standard animal-themed sim games and they fit into the same niche. If you are looking for games where you care about animals instead of one, then these two are for you.

My Universe: Cats and Dogs makes you take on the role of a vet, taking care of bad pets. Little Friends: Dogs and cats focus more on owning, caring for, training, and caring for your obscure friends. Both can be a bit repetitive and are pretty simple titles, Little Friends: Dogs and Cats treading lines very similar to the Nintendogs on the DS, without really bringing anything new to the table. But they both do well in that relaxing, simulating role and offer a lot of cool fun on the subject of animals.

animal games okamiBring her here!


Okami is a classic for a reason. This beautiful, illustrated story is a magical, fantastic adventure, full of gorgeous art, amazing characters, exciting story rhythms and wonderful game mechanics. It is an absolute masterpiece, and the relaunch of HD on Switch brings it perfectly to a new generation. With a low price and a truly wonderful experience to live, we beg you to go play it, you will not regret it.

animal games fun fun animal parkBring her here!

Fun! Fun! Animal park

I felt compelled to include this title because of how weird and weird it is - the whole PT team chuckled at this weird piece of jewelry. From intensely emotional puppet presenters to dancing lemurs and kangaroo boxing, it’s all weird. Fun! Fun! Animal Park consists of 30 different mini-games on the subject of animals, which accept both solo mode and cooperation on the couch with another player. Also, use the Switch’s motion controls to give you a variety of fun experiences. Take it at a discount, take a friend with you and sit back and enjoy some crazy and fuzzy fun.

animal games untitled goose gameBring her here!

Untitled Goose Game

Welcome to Untitled Goose Game. You’re a terrible goose. A very, very horrible goose. Now wreak havoc (or havoc on your beak) around the sleepy little English village where you live. This stealth slapstick sandbox sees you making your way through the city, doing pranks, stealing hats and generally ruining everyone’s day. There’s even a two-player mode - double the goose-free fun. In addition, there is a dedicated horn button. Toot!

Mobile games with animals

YouTube thumbnail

My Tamagotchi Forever

Google Play / App Store

Everyone’s favorite virtual retro pet appeared on mobile, in the adorable casual title My Tamagotchi Forever. Adopt your own little monster, raise them, take care of them and play a bunch of cute mini-games and puzzles along the way. With lots of Tamagotchi to pack, tons of delicious food, cute costumes and colorful unlockable items, it’s an adorable and relaxing experience to play on the go.

Screenshots by the Animal Restaurant

Restaurant with animals

Google Play / App Store

This adorable and enchanting management simulation game sees you stepping into the paws of a sweet kitten who runs a small restaurant in the woods. Learn recipes, decorate your cafe and expand your business, while serving adorable pet customers from all corners of the forest.

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, with its muted tones and a mix of European, Mediterranean and Japanese influences and it really feels like a tiny world of story books. The Animal Restaurant is welcoming and comfortable and is a great title for any animal lover who wants to relax.

If you really like Animal Restaurant, you should visit Cat Spa as it has similar, refreshing vibes, beautiful pastel colors and, of course, lots of kittens to befriend.

YouTube thumbnail

Dear My Cat: Relaxing game with cats

Google Play / App Store

Dear My Cat is a virtual pet simulator, in which each cat embarks on a journey to the beautiful Sky Island. It is a super relaxing experience that allows you to expand and decorate your little quiet island, create a variety of animals and enjoy the wonderful music and the peaceful landscapes that you explore and design. This casual, easy-to-play title has no failures and is based entirely on giving you a cool, stress-free environment to escape when the world gets too heavy.

YouTube thumbnail

My dolphin show

Google Play / App Store

Ever wanted to be a dolphin trainer? Well, My Dolphin Show invites you to give it a try while teaching your own amazing dolphin tricks, and then performing amazing shows around the world. Whether your dolphin hops through Hawaiian circles or jumps around Las Vegas circles, there are over eighty interesting tricks to learn, all of which you can choreograph into the best shows around. You can even dress up your little friend so that he can always look his best.

YouTube thumbnail

Farmville 3

Google Play / App Store

If you’re looking for fun on the farm, then grab your boots and straw hat, because Farmville 3 is perfect for you. Build your own animal farm from scratch, add new habitats, while expanding and upgrading your buildings to accommodate an entire team of cute creatures.

You can even raise and raise animals on your own, as your business becomes the best farm this city has ever seen. If you want to find out what kind of creatures you can accumulate, then go to our Farmville 3 Animal Guide. We also have a list of Farmville 3 codes to help you keep your business thriving.

This is also for our list of the best animal games on Switch and mobile. If you still need a paw when looking for something new to play, take a look at our lists of the best Switch games and the best mobile games for a wider range of titles.

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