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The best statistics tracking tools Valuable: Expert ratings (2022)

Valuable is without a doubt one of the greatest FPS games in the world right now. It’s still a relatively new game when you set it against classics like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has been around for almost a decade. However, there are some mindless features that are not added to the game, despite the fact that a large base of players requires them. And, no, I’m not talking about map queues (Riot, if you’re reading this, please, I don’t want to play Breeze four times in a row). The feature I’m talking about here is tracking statistics.

Unlike its main competitors, Valorant has not yet added any statistics tracking features that allow players to understand how well / badly they are doing in their games. It is not even possible to check the basics, such as the number of hours you played the game. Riot has not given us any built-in method to analyze meta and see which agents are the best in a particular patch.

And if a mainstream developer doesn’t give players a feature they’re asking for, you can bet a third party will. But before we get into that, let’s talk very briefly about what statistics tracking tools are.

What are Valorant statistics tracking tools?

Statistical tracking systems do exactly what the name suggests: they track your in-game statistics and provide an analysis of aspects of your game that need some improvement. Statistics include both generic things, such as winning rate, hit rate, etc., and some advanced statistics, such as an analysis of your style of play in your recent games.

To start using a statistics tracking tool, you’ll need to sign in using the Riot account you use to play Valorant. You will also need to authorize the tracker to access information from your Riot account. Before doing so, Riot will list all the things that the application requires access to to secure your account.

Here are five of the best Valuation Tracking tools you can use to analyze your game, understand your meta, and grow as a player.

Overwolf is a fairly popular name in the world of third-party applications for competitive multiplayer games. It is a tool used for a lot of competitive games such as Dota 2, CSGO etc. It is a widely used application for Valorant, with over 1 million downloads from their site. The fun part about using Overwolf is that it’s integrated with Tracker.gg. This means you get the best of both worlds with this tool.

Overwolf also has lots of community guides built into the platform, allowing you to learn secret tips and tricks that other players are discovering around the world. Overwolf’s sleek feature is real-time statistics that help you calculate your chances of winning. Overwolf lacks a lot in terms of functionality, but it is a decent tool, no matter what.

The best part about Overwolf’s Valorant Tracker, which eliminates absolutely other tools from the competition, is the real-time statistics it shows to your teammates. As soon as you enter the agent selection screen, you’ll see each player’s K / D ratio, winning percentage, and WL history of recent matches. This really helps you see if installing Reyna is even remotely good or will just make your game worse. In addition, it shows the rank of each person in the game. However, to see detailed stats, players on your team must give Valorant Tracker permission before their stats can be tracked.

Tracker.gg is another brilliant value tracking tool that I absolutely love. The most unique aspect of this Valorant tracker is the public guides. If you’ve found a sick point of view, a weird Viper range, or maybe you’ve just found the dart shock of your life, you can post the guides on Tracker.gg. Other players will receive an extra trick or two up their sleeve, while you will win unique prizes for your profile. This is what makes Tracker.gg so special.

The statistics tracking tool comes with its own dedicated mobile app, which isn’t something you’ll find in most Valorant statistics tracking tools. Tracker.gg is perfect if you just want to know a little more about Valorant on the go.

Tracker.gg is a great tool that gives you all the personal data you can expect from a Valorant statistics tracking tool. Highlights your strengths and weaknesses, showing you what you are doing right and what areas you need to improve on.

Dak.gg is a decent value for money tracking tool. However, it lacks some of the features that Blitz and Tracker offer players. The tool gives you an in-depth look at how well your recent matches have gone, your win rate, average damage, average kill, and other useful statistics. However, it lacks the strengths and weaknesses that put Tracker.gg second on my list.

In addition, Dak.gg also provides global statistics such as agent selection rates, earning rate, first blood percentage, KDA, etc. Moreover, one feature that I really liked about Dak is the agent comps. Provides analytical data of the most successful agent compositions in any given patch. All this data is refreshed every 24 hours, so that the latest meta selections appear here on the same day.

ValorantStat.xyz is an application that emphasizes the importance of individual game styles and helps you make the most of your skills to win matches. Get all the basics, such as your performance on certain maps with certain agents, weapons, and team compositions. It also tells you some of the things you need to focus on in the game.

In addition, ValorantStats.xyz has an advanced algorithm that generates information after each match you play. This analysis gives you an overview of how well you played compared to previous games, along with what you did, good and bad.

Blitz was one of the most consistent Valorant followers out there, with a lot of users. The app has been tweaked to make sure it puts all the necessary stats in the hands of a Valuable amateur player. To use Blitz.gg, you’ll need to download their app and run it during your game. Here are some of the main features of Blitz that you will find especially useful.

Blitz has a database full of statistics for maps, agents and weapons. It constantly gives you information about the best agents in different ranks, their rate of gain on certain maps, the best team members and many, many more.

In addition to global statistics, Blitz also gives you a dashboard to see the history of your previous matches, the accuracy of your shots and how well you did compared to your recent matches.

We all have those games where we only take a minute to wonder what went wrong. If you want some artificial intelligence data to analyze your mistakes, Blitz provides post-game breakdowns of your game that could help identify the problem in your game.

However, the only reason the app is at the bottom of our list is ads. The tool forces you to purchase the pro version by displaying ads to cover the content you want to access after a game. It’s fine at first, but it gets pretty annoying if you’ve been using it for more than a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Statistic Trackers

What statistics tracking tools do Valorant professionals use?

Blitz.gg remains one of the most popular statistics tracking tools that many professionals use to track their game. TenZ is one of the professional players who publicly supports Blitz among many others.

Does a statistics tracking tool help you improve your goal?

No, a statistics tracking tool is not a tool to improve your goal. You can get useful information about where you usually aim (head, body, feet), but it goes so far. If you want to practice and improve your goal, you can consider using something like a goal coach, created specifically to improve your goal.

Can I be banned from using Stat Trackers?

Usually the answer is no. Third-party statistics tracking tools are usually browser-based, so they don’t interfere with your game in any way. However, some apps like Blitz make you download their app that runs simultaneously with Valorant. However, if the application does not comply with Valorant policies, there is a good chance that you will be banned.

Closing thoughts

Most of the applications that provide statistics tracking services for Valorant are extremely disappointing. The Riot API doesn’t make it easy for them, as they only allow third-party applications to access the last 20 matches. So in order for these apps to be effective, you’ll need to sign in frequently. With third-party applications, such as Valorant tracking tools, there is always the risk of bans.

Riot’s anti-cheat “vanguard” doesn’t like it when other apps interfere with the game. However, the five Valorant statistics tracking tools I have mentioned in this list are in line with Riot’s policies and will not result in a ban under any circumstances.

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