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The best version of Diablo Immortal Crusader for PvP and PvE

Are you looking for the best version of Diablo Immortal Crusader? Creating a crusade for both PvP and PvE is a difficult balancing act, but this holy warrior can be both a heavy fighter and a healer. Choose the right items, skills and gems and you will be strong enough to deal with any situation.

Crusader is a tough class in Diablo Immortal, which is on our list of the best Diablo Immortal versions. It is a class with great damage that can quickly cover the ground due to its mount in the sky and is great for eliminating large groups of enemies and stimulating the group. If you consider yourself the flag bearer of the team, someone who attacks and acts as a rallying point, throwing big blows and helping his comrades in line, then you should go on Crusader.

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We’ve chosen a build that works in both PvE and PvP, but we recommend that you play it with a group of friends, as crowd control and AoE skills are most effective when your colleagues can attack them. I can finish them. enemies. It is also worth noting that the party enthusiasts that we have included in this version optimize it very little for the solo game, but with a few modifications you can create a solo construction that will overwhelm most groups of enemies.

Diablo Immortal Crusader The best version

Crusader is better surrounded by enemies. as good as party members, where they can use devastating AoE attacks and significant benefits for the whole group. Drawn and Quarter’s movement speed allows you to go through crowds and attack enemies, while the rest of the group must free them.

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We’ve chosen a build that fits all skill levels, but the ultimate target is Holy Banner, which is one of Crusader’s best skills and guarantees critical hits for your party. The main game of this version is to explore, to fight with bullets when you find them, then to place the holy flag just in time for your friends to arrive and take out the horde.

The best attributes for a crusader

  • Power
  • Courage
  • Viability

For a Crusader, you want to focus on increasing your strength to keep your damage high. As a secondary attribute, Fortitude ensures the penetration of armor and thus increases the damage done, while its third attribute, Vitality, increases the general health needed by the Crusader, who is often at the center of the battle.

The best crusade skills

Main Ability: Punishment

Punishment is available at level 1. Using this ability harms an enemy and gains Forge of Feelings, increasing the chance to block by 30% for two seconds.

basic skills

twisted shield

  • Unlocked at level 1
  • Throw a rotating shield at enemies, causing damage and firing at them.

draw and quarters

  • Unlocked at level 15
  • Rides a Sky Steed for 6 seconds, eliminating all effects that affect movement and increasing movement speed by 65%.

holy banner

  • Unlocked at level 38.
  • Place a holy banner that inspires nearby allies for 11.2 seconds and increases the chance of a critical hit by 100%.

light spell

  • Unlocked at level 50
  • Summon a beam of holy light that protects you and nearby allies from damage for 3 seconds.

The best gemstones for the Crusader

  • tourmaline
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

The best legendary stones for Crusader

  • the chain of death
  • Calling the screamer
  • the blessing of the worthy
  • dream ball
  • frozen at home
  • a crystal

For classic stones, choose tourmaline for increased damage, sapphire for armor penetration and topaz for strength.

As for the legendary stones, Chain Death is great for beginners and especially for this construction, as it completes the Spinning Shield by increasing damage per enemy hit. Seeping Bile will be the perfect complement later, relieving your AoE attacks and poison attacks with the spread of poison, and Frozen Hearth should be carried with you to give you extra protection against ranged damage.

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Here’s how to create the best version of Crusader in Diablo Immortal. If you’re still not sure which one to choose, check out our list of Diablo Immortal levels to see what their current rankings are.

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