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The Call of Duty Warzone mobile game is over and shows Verdansk

Some Call of Duty Warzone mobile gameplay has been leaked and shows us a first look at the game in Alpha, and although it looks like a Call of Duty title, we still need to know if the storage space will be as much as its console and PC counterparts. .

Call of Duty Warzone mobile game - Where are you throwing?

While it has been rumored that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is in production, the game currently has a closed Alpha, and while the game has a strict NDA, a fan disclosed footage to a Call of Duty informant who continued to share publicly.

Considering Tweets have been removed by Activision now, only helping to increase the legitimacy of the content.

Here are the screenshots of the game:

Here is a game clip of the game in action.

Ignore watermark because it was posted by code_perseus, the one that leaks. The graphics look decent for a direct port to mobile, and while the video looks less than perfect, it’s worth noting that the quality could have been compressed during recording and also when it was uploaded to Twitter.

Although we only know that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is scheduled for release in 2022, we don’t know when it will be. Maybe it will be linked to the launch of Modern Warfare II later this year?

Although the mobile version still has 150 players, the console and PC versions have recently dropped to 120 players for several reasons, it will be interesting to see if the mobile version will follow suit or not.

Another question you might want to answer is whether Warzone for mobile is the best choice, given the strong rumors circulating about a sequel to Warzone, which will be an exclusive PS5 / XboxSeries / PC title.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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