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The Conjuring’s haunted house sells for $ 1.5 million

Having trouble selling your home? You may want to check with your nearest Ouija board, as it may have some pretty awful listings for you.

Strange, but true. Surprisingly, a house that inspired a horror franchise is a very interesting seller at the moment, given the state of the real estate market, people even come and bid for a house, no matter what surprises await them.

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Recently, Jenn and Cory Heinzen floated happily, as their “Conjuring” house exceeded expectations and was recently sold for $ 1.5 million, about 27% above the asking price. Here’s everything you need to know.

The haunted house in Conjuring enchanted a new owner

A house that was the site of several mysterious events in 1820 that inspired the 2013 film The Conjuring, is set to sell for $ 1.5 million. The house is located on Rhode Island and is one of the most notorious haunted residences in the United States.

In 2019, Jennifer and Cory Heinzen, a pair of paranormal investigators, made the purchase of life when they bought a farm previously known because it is one of the most haunted places.

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At that time, the couple managed to buy the house of 3109 square meters for $ 4.39,000. Jennifer and Cory Heinzen were very lucky to be able to buy the Old Arnold Estate. The 3,109-square-foot house was large enough for both families at the time.

The farm at 1677 Round Top Road became their sweet home, which had a terrifying past. According to Deadline, the Heinzen family was respectful of spirits when the house was first investigated.

The family locked themselves in a room for several months. The couple of investigators revealed that there were still paid visits from the spirit that appears in a blackened figure.

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Following substantial paranormal activities in the house, Heinzen’s daughter, Madison, took over TikTok and began filming the house, helping to bring her home back into the public eye.

The family chronicled the time spent with the house and gave the fans a personal look at each room before putting it back on the market.

So for those looking for a lawn and a beautiful farm space and near a good grocery market, this house lists murder, ghosts and all sorts of haunted atrocities as points of sale - everyone has different reasons to buy a house.

Who bought Conjuring House for $ 1.5 million?

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A real estate developer saw the opportunity in this creepy property and submitted a purchase offer, eventually becoming one of the ten interested buyers.

Jacqueline Nuñez bought the property for $ 1.57 million after bidding and eventually taking home the prize.

Nunez agreed with the Heinzen family’s request not to use the house for personal reasons, but may host events there. In fact, she will be hosting events with the Perron family.

Nunez revealed, “This is a property that allows people to talk to the dead.”

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