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The development of Madden NFL 23 has been grim and self-conscious

While EA’s Madden football games are often in the top sales every year, those sales did not reflect the quality. Critical consensus on the series has been declining in recent years and Madden NFL 22 it was full of bugs that hindered the experience. Fortunately, the developers are aware of Madden’s flaws and are trying to improve their gameplay with Madden NFL 23.

Speaking for Winteringhamfields, executive producer Aaron McCarty painted a picture of a darker, more reflective development of Madden NFL 23 while EA Tiburon mourned the death of John Madden of the series and tried to make up for the franchise’s past failures. Although Winteringhamfields is not yet fully operational, McCarty points this out Madden NFL 23 will solve many of the problems that fans have due to a multitude of bug fixes and a new suite of features called FieldSense, which touches every part of the experience.

“The investment in FieldSense, bug fixes, and gaming has been so great because we know FieldSense is successful, whether you’re playing Franchise, Ultimate Team, The Yard, or a quick game with a friend on the couch,” McCarty told Winteringhamfields. . “It’s interesting because it touches every part of the game, every way you play. We feel like everyone is playing Madden NFL 23 I can really feel something new and different in this year’s game. “

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Exterminating bugs

Before the team can do it Madden NFL 23 game better, they had to fix what was already broken. The last Madden titles were all full of bugs, and the situation got worse than ever. Madden NFL 22. The annual launch schedule and the pandemic had finally reached the level of EA Tiburon game quality. McCarty pointed out the steps developers are taking to ensure that (hopefully) it doesn’t happen again.

“We looked at the way we developed the game and searched the internet, and in fact we had our QA department, in our development tools, record every complaint we could find to address them. follow, ”McCarty explains. “Where possible, we go in and analyze this to see what the real problem is that causes someone to complain. If there was a video, we would put it in our database, and if it was a general complaint about an area of ​​our game, we’d put it all together and figure out what the issues were. “

“We are focused on creating the finest game possible.”

This process was thorough, as the developers came up with a list of “hundreds” of bugs and issues that EA Tiburon could improve. The team then fixed some issues as part of Madden NFL 22live service updates and took into account everything they couldn’t fix when planning Madden NFL 23 development.

“The way we plan new features every year, we’ve also planned fixes for all these bugs to make sure we’ve fixed them, and we also have time to catch new ones that we’ve fixed. we create, ”he said. “The Pole was an important thing for us in the team this year, so although there are still some mistakes because we haven’t finished, we feel that the game is already in a better position this year than it was at this time last year. We are focused on creating the finest game possible. ”

We won’t know for sure if all this will really work out until the game is in our hands in August, but it seems that EA knows where it got tangled up and wants to do better.

Joe Burrow is approached by Chargers players in Madden NFL 23.

Sensitive changes

This desire for improvement seems to be applied in the game as well. The basic modes are getting better, and the franchise mode will include more detailed research and free agency options. Meanwhile, the Face of the Franchise Narrative mode now follows a player from a new team to a five-year career and allows players to be linebackers.

While many of the game’s modes see updates, Madden NFL 23 the most significant changes this year are not specific to the mode. Instead, they have to do with the game and the animations. One complaint that some of Madden’s biggest detractors constantly bring is that the game has an “animation-based” game. Basically, some players hate the way Madden relies too much on set animations to the detriment of fluid physics, which means that some throws and catches don’t happen naturally or realistically.

“We’re about to get out of those preserved animations this year.”

Although Madden NFL 23 the gameplay is still technically based on animation, the developers took this feedback into account when designing FieldSense, the pseudonym given to it. Madden NFL 23 gameplay improvements. Defensive players are now more involved because they can interrupt animations, ball bearers can make 360-degree cuts more efficiently, and defenders have more control over their targeting and adding power to their throws.

While FieldSense is a strange name for these upgrades, McCarty believes it brings some fundamental and significant changes to the pitch, pass and defense, which will win over fans dissatisfied with the direction Madden is heading in the last few years.

“We wanted to solve that feeling that people have when they feel stuck in the preserved animations and feel that the outcome is predetermined,” says McCarty. “What they are saying is that there is a loss of control. With FieldSense’s branched animation technology, we’re on our way out of those preserved animations this year. That gives us unpredictability and variety in the game that we didn’t have, because not everything is predetermined. “

A crucial year

EA always calls the new Madden games the most “authentic” experience so far, but McCarty seemed eager to keep that promise this year. Madden has been slowly declining in review scores and has lost the support of hardcore fans for years, and it seems that EA has become aware of this Madden NFL 23 and made changes that affect every part of the game.

A Seahawks player hits a shot in the air in Madden NFL 23.
This hit in the air is an example of one of Madden NFL’s new disruptive FieldSense animations 23.

As I mentioned, Winteringhamfields was not practical Madden NFL 23 The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will not include FieldSense yet, so we’re not sure if this EA investment will be fully profitable this year. However, the developer’s efforts to fix the bugs and improve the game show that EA is at least pointing the Madden series in the right direction. And in the future, McCarty only seems eager to increase the number of gaming agencies in Madden.

“We will continue to invest in FieldSense in the coming years to find more ways to bring more consistency, player agency and emerging behaviors into the game, because I think this is the fun with sports games,” he says. “Let’s figure out how we can evolve and invest in the game to move to the next level.”

Madden NFL 23 launches for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on August 19th.

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