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The former captain is suing the Oregon sheriff for retaliation


A nearly 30-year veteran of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in Bend, Oregon, has filed a $ 2.5 million federal lawsuit against the county, the sheriff and two private investigators for alleged civil rights violations and retaliation.

In his trial, Captain Deron McMaster claims that Sheriff Shane Nelson has retained evidence incriminating Nelson and his wife in an internal investigation into another MP, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. The lawsuit also alleges that Nelson retaliated against McMaster for talking about Nelson’s misconduct.

“Defendant Sheriff Nelson acted with malicious motive or intent against (McMaster) when Sheriff Nelson intentionally concealed his wife’s harmful testimony,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit comes from incidents involving a deputy sheriff from Deschutes County, his romantic partner and a subordinate with whom he had an affair. An internal investigation found that McMaster did not report the suspect’s domestic and sexual abuse by the MP against his romantic partner and that McMaster lied during the investigation.

McMaster claims the allegations are false and said he reported the alleged abuse to the deputy supervisor and the Redmond Police Department. Nelson lives opposite the deputy, and McMaster said Nelson’s wife, a former Bend police officer, was interviewed during the investigation. McMaster claims that Nelson tried to cover up his and his wife’s knowledge of domestic abuse. When McMaster talks about the cover-up, he says Nelson retaliated against him.

“Nelson disputes the allegations made in this complaint and intends to firmly defend the Sheriff’s Office against these allegations,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jayson Janes told OPB. “No other information will be released due to ongoing litigation.”

Internal unrest under Nelson’s leadership has been a constant problem. Since 2015, the year Nelson was named sheriff, the agency’s staff has filed at least 25 complaints against the sheriff and the agency.

The county also paid nearly $ 3.5 million to defend and settle claims against Nelson and the sheriff’s office.

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