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The latest F1 22 trailer features new features with a new game

The F1 22 is fast approaching and usually looks sleek in this latest trailer. Codemasters has been producing top Formula 1 racing simulators for many years, and the latest iteration sees some major changes. Partly due to major adjustments in real-world sports, this year’s game will be a deviation from the last one.

New cars with new physics are the most obvious change, but adjustments to the look of the tracks and even more flexibility to the features of the race weekend mean that it is not just about vehicle models. Adaptive AI is also introduced to help new players by adjusting their difficulty. Now you can choose to control moments like the pit stops and the safety car, or let the game handle it with a broadcast-style transition.

F1 Life is, however, the new major attraction, with the aim of giving players more personalization with their own hub space. You can customize your driver and his outfit, of course, but you will also unlock new accessories, furniture and even super cars with which to arrange your corner. Those cars can also be taken on the track at Pirelli Hot Lap events.

Everything looks pretty good, although we imagine that some fans might be sad about the lack of a story mode this year. However, are you planning to get behind the wheel on July 1st? Tell us in the comments section below.

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