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The list of Quarry trophies shows a diverse and jam-packed game

The Quarry will be the latest title released from Supermassive Games, the creators of the iconic Until Dawn and is currently working on The Dark Pictures Anthology. Their latest work, The Quarry, is made in partnership with 2K Games and is independent of any IP, making it the first original entry in a long time. The list of Quarry trophies is now out and ready for your eyes.

Quarry Trophy List - A Threat

The career is a return to the classic horror / slasher camp genre of the 80’s, made famous by iconic films such as the Friday the 13th series. The game will have nothing to do with Until Dawn or the current Dark Pictures games, making it an ideal entry for fans who want something new from the recent Supermassive Games offer.

The list of trophies is on PowerPyx, a well-known and famous name in the world of trophy hunting, and while the list of trophies includes your usual combination of getting all the collectibles, kill them all, save them all, there are still spoilers unmarked in the list, so be careful when reading the list.

the quarry

In addition, there is a separate trophy to leave a certain male and female character (separate trophies), which is another return to the way movies like this ended. So depending on the ability to select chapters, this is a game where you may have to play more games.

Early previews of the game have closely compared the game to one of Supermassive’s best works to date, and many are also commenting on the diversity of a game. Playing the game every time, you get a different ending, which is one step away from what is currently being done with Dark Pictures games.

The Quarry is scheduled to be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC on June 10, 2022.

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