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The metaverse is not yet mainstream! But K-Pop can solve the problem


South Korea will lead people to the future of metavers through the power of K-pop.

K-pop has become a truly global phenomenon thanks to its distinctive blend of captivating melodies, elegant choreography, production values, and an endless parade of catchy South Korean performers who spend years in tedious studio systems learning to sing and to dance in synchronized perfection. But what has the K-pop industry got to do with Metaverse? Well, in the last 2 years of the pandemic, many industries have made drastic technological advances, including K-pop, with many new projects for K-pop companies, especially online concerts and virtual fan engagement events. An increasing number of K-pop bands have jumped into metavers, a common virtual world where people can interact with others through avatars, creating virtual spaces to build stronger and closer connections with their fans. The Billlie girls’ group met their fans on the island of the metaverse platform of the local telecommunications operator SK Telecom a few days ago. The latest event is part of the girls’ group’s effort to expand its presence in a three-dimensional virtual space. Let’s find out how the K-pop metaverse will change the entertainment landscape.

Metaverse application in the K-pop industry

The K-pop industry is known for its state-of-the-art technology, including metaverse. Especially during the pandemic, digital technology has helped people stay connected. This also applies to the entertainment industry, as offline concerts are suspended. Metaverse, with its virtual reality look, has become one of the possible answers to reconnect artists with fans, even through the digital world.

Regarding the application of metaverses, there are a growing number of projects / groups related to metaverses in K-pop. One of the famous examples is the aespa group, which was introduced as a group with virtual counterparts (ae). Along with the real members, asepa consists of 4 virtual avatars representing the members. Since then it has become a central aspect from which the aespa concept was derived.

Businesses and parts of the South Korean government are looking to create metaverse; This summer, South Korean banks invested in metaverse asset funds, and the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT allocated trillions of won to promote technology projects, including metaverse. Millions of South Koreans have invested in digital land grabbing in metaverse. In early November, the Seoul government also announced plans for its metavers.

A pillar of the K-pop momentum in metaverse is the rise of virtual performances and performers, which may seem like a new thing, but it dates back almost two decades: a cyber singer known as Adam was created and released the album No Love Like This in 1998. Numerous other digital performers have appeared in recent years, such as the popular K / DA League of Legends girls group, which is voiced by a variety of pop artists, including K-pop stars and this year’s virtual girls group. . Eternity.

In March, Blackpink’s virtual avatars hosted an event for fans on the avatar-based social network, and 46 million users attended the event to receive digital autographs from the group. The following month, SK Telecom released “K-pop Metaverse Project” on its augmented reality application Jump AR, which allowed fans to create music videos based on the music and dances of the Weeekly girls’ group. The group also hosted a face-to-face virtual event in May.

In September 2021, the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT announced plans to invest $ 7.5 billion in digital technology by 2025; Of that, 9% ($ 2.2 billion) will go to “metaverse-related” technologies. According to a report by London-based analytics and consulting firm GlobalData, the country will use some of that funding to develop its own K-pop metavers.

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT, the country plans to develop 220 metaverse companies supported by 40,000 industry experts by 2026. This would place the country as the fifth largest metaverse market in the world.

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