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The most shocking of us all are the classified deaths!

All of Us Are Dead came out of South Korea and won our hearts. The deaths of All of Us Are Dead shocked us as much as what happened in the quick plot of the series.

All of Us Are Dead, released on January 28, 2022, consists of 12 episodes and 1 season. Our story takes place in a town called Hyosan, which is not very populated. One day, at Hyosan High School, the largest high school here, a zombie epidemic occurs and this epidemic spreads very quickly. Don class students who are subject to a state of access are the main characters in our series. One of their biggest desires is to get out of school without being hurt by the zombie epidemic.

We’ve ranked the suspenseful and shocking All of Us Are Dead deaths in this life-or-death fight for you!

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1. Yoon Gwi-Nam

We are all dead dead Yoon Gwi-Nam

Yoon Gwi-Nam

Number 1 in the All of Us Are Dead ranking, Yoon Gwi-nam is one of our main characters, Lee Cheong-san’s enemies and a poorly tempered high school student. He can not escape the zombie epidemic and becomes infected and turns into a human zombie. After turning into a zombie, Yoon Gwi-Nam killed dozens of people.

Gwi-nam attacks Cheong-san one day and takes one eye out of him. He says he won’t kill him if he manages to escape, but in the meantime the school is bombed to get rid of the zombies. Taking advantage of the sound of the bomb, Cheong-san grabs Gwi-nam’s collar and the two are thrown together. They burn and die when they fall from the building.

2. Han Gyeong-Su

Han Gyeong-Su

Han Gyeong-Su

Although Han Gyeong-su is not one of the main characters, he is extremely brave and does his best to protect his friends. However, Na-yeon, one of his friends, infected him with the epidemic virus and turned into a zombie.

Number 2 in our All of Us Are Dead ranking, Han Gyeong-su believed his friends’ innocence in a situation where Lee Cheong-san and Lee Su-hyeok were accused, but Na-yeon did not believe he was telling the truth when it came to that’s why. As a result, he became infected and turned into a zombie. Unable to control himself when he became a zombie, Han Gyeong-su bit many people. He then died alongside Cheong-san’s mother in an army blast.

3. Lee Na-Yeon

Lee Na-Yeon

Lee Na-Yeon

In 3rd place in our All of Us Are Dead ranking, Lee Na-yeon is a villain who considers herself superior to others and drowns in money and arrogance. She gossips and speaks badly of everyone she considers inferior.

After all the people who died and the cruel things that happened, there is nothing left of her arrogance. She becomes a more emotional person and tries to survive. She starts thinking about herself and her friends and buys them food. Just then, she is attacked and killed by the Gwi-nam bully. In Episode 11, she turns into a zombie and, like many other zombies, dies in an army explosion.

4. Kim Ji-Min

Kim Ji-Min

Kim Ji-Min

Another of All of Us Are Dead’s deaths is Ji-min’s death. Ji-min finds out that her family has been infected with the virus. She’s not leaving school yet, Ji-min is trying to leave the school building with her class after a storm. A horde of zombies follows. Very scared, Ji-min leaves her friends and runs to the forest. Zombies chasing her through the forest catch her and kill her.

5. Kim Hyun-Joo

Kim Hyun-Joo

Kim Hyun-Joo

One of the most unexpected deaths of All of Us Are Dead is the death of Kim Hyun-Joo. Hyun-joo is bitten by the virus-infected Byeong-chan hamster, and the zombie virus is also transmitted to him. He escapes while his treatment continues, so that the virus does not progress. After escaping, he kills dozens of people and turns them into zombies.

Hyun-joo dies along with dozens of other zombies as a result of the bombing of Hyosan, one of the army’s remedies.

6. Nam So-Ju

Nam So-Ju

Nam So-Ju

This is perhaps the most self-sacrificing of All of Us Are Dead deaths. So-ju is one of the students’ parents. He comes to school to save his daughter. He makes the kids run away, but he is bitten by a zombie while doing so. Her daughter On-jo is very upset while facing this reality. So-ju is exposed to an explosion in the high school garden during one of the zombie attacks.

7. Yoon I-Sak

Yoon I-Sak

Yoon I-Sak

This is the most emotional death of All of Us Are Dead. I-sak is On-jo’s best friend, who will lose her father in a few days. This duo and some of their friends take refuge in one of the labs to protect themselves. While in this lab, I-sak was found to be infected with the virus. Cheong-san forces On-jo to throw the zombie-turned-I-sak out the window. Eventually, thrown out, I-sak dies in a schoolyard explosion along with the other zombies.

8. Lee Byeong-Chan

Lee Byeong-Chan

Lee Byeong-Chan

Byeong-chan is the person who discovered the virus. He tells the detective who is with him that his laptop in the science lab at Hyosan High School can help him. The moment they walk out the door, they are attacked by a zombie. Still hopeful, Byeong-chan plunges into zombies to take his computer. He dies in one of the explosions after being infected and turned into a zombie.

Because his survival in season 2 was so necessary, Byeong-chan’s death was the most useless of All of Us Are Dead’s deaths. It will be very difficult to defeat the virus without him, but he left his computer with videos inside. In Season 2, we’ll see it in the videos, though it’s not live.

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